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Viva La Diva

A Brit living in the USA
Right let's have a little bit of fun here....list the diets you have previously tried, weird, wacky, whatever....and then say which one was the worst and why.

This is just to remind us, that although we may only see small amounts lost over the weeks and months we have enough sense not to try those mad, bad, and sad diets ever again...

I'll go first.....

Ryvita Diet, WW, Slimfast, Green Tea Fat Blaster Tablets !! , Cabbage Soup Diet, 3 Day Diet........

The worst would probably be the Cabbage Soup, it smells bad when you are cooking it, let alone the problems in the " wind department " after eating it !!!! :eek: :eek: :eek:
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sweetie darling

Eye on the prize...
lol I like this game!! :D
OK, I have tried:
* WW - wasn't disciplined enough & 'spent' my points on chips & chocolate.... funny how that didn't work!:character00254:
* SW - never organised enough to decide what was for dinner before even eating breakfast & all that weighing & measuring - blah! :party0036:
* Cabbage Soup -soup for breakfast?! :sign0137:
* slim fast - always soooooooo tired! :4635:
* Special K diet - STARVING!!!!!!! :17729:

What works? hmmm only thing that works for me is going to the gym!!! :character00115: :whacky068::devilangel:
Oooo I'm liking this thread!


* Weight Watchers - I put ON weight!! :rolleyes:
* 3 day diet - I managed a good ol' binge on the very last hour of the 3rd day!
* Soup and fruit only diet - lasted a while... who could honestly just eat soup and fruit forever though?! :p
* Adios tablets - I certainly lost a lot of pounds with this! (about £10 to be precise!!)

Now? I love calorie counting, it's gotten me this far, but I don't know what's happening now... I'm in limbo land where I can't decide what to do...
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Oooh can I join in?

WW - got fed up of weighing/counting/measuring, and tended to eat all my points by lunchtime! Soon went out the window.

SW - easier than WW due to free foods, but still very much got the diet club mentality thing going on which I've since decided just does not work for me. I tend to get fed up and rebel against what I *should* and *shouldn't* be eating.

Atkins - works, but my God I've never craved a slice of toast so much in my life! Fiddly, expensive and time-consuming also. Plus the ongoing debate about the safety of all the saturated fat.

Special K diet - bored and starving for the whole three days I stuck to it.

What I now think is the best way for me to lose weight is to just balance what I eat - no strict diets with crazy rules that I get all obsessed about (and upset when I can't stick to); just choosing each of my three meals wisely and letting the weight loss go on quietly in the background, rather than it taking over my life. That way, the only rules I have to stick to are ones I've imposed myself - and if I want chips or wine or whatever I'll have them, and just make up for it.


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WW - Forever hungry and just got sick of having to count up and weigh everything.

Atkins - worked for me. I lost 3 stone and i did love the fact i could eat soo much cheese, but eventually fell off due to pasta. I missed pasta far too much.

Slimfast - Sick of the same thing all the time. Shakes that never filled me.

Worst would be slimfast... just boring really.
Thanks Viva La Diva! There really are some overcomplicated, crazy diets out there, and they sell! No wonder the diet/weight loss industry is worth so much!

sweetie darling

Eye on the prize...
* Adios tablets - I certainly lost a lot of pounds with this! (about £10 to be precise!!)..
lol me too - I tried Adios & another time Adios Max.... I actually GAINED weight with both!! Wasn't too impressed!!!

Viva La Diva

A Brit living in the USA
OMG...I remember the Adios adverts, soo annoying !!! Alli is quite popular here I think, plus I think it's a bit cheaper too !! Never tried it, always a bit concerned about taking tablets to diet !!!!! there are a lot of those 3 day detox things in a bottle, I think you mix it with water.....eek....I would last maybe a day.....

Forgot to say morning Guys and Gals !!!!!
* WW - wasn't disciplined enough & 'spent' my points on chips & chocolate.... funny how that didn't work!:character00254:

Lol that made me laugh and smile because thats exactally what i did!!!

WW is the only diet i admitted tryin but i always get fed up of havin the count the points etc.... :)


One day at a time :)
  1. WW Drop Diet
  2. WW
  3. Slimfast
  4. Special K
  5. Cambridge Diet
  6. Rosemary Conley (Actually still eating fairly low fat now!)

The worst is a tie between the WW drop diet & Cambridge!!

Now eating a moderately healthy balanced diet :)
I've tried

  • Herbalife, a couple of times.
  • Slim Fast.
  • Special K.
  • Adios tablets.
  • Tava Tea.
I didn't do too badly with Herbalife the first time round, but the second and third times I gave up after 2 weeks, I got really bad headaches.
Slimfast didn't fill me up enough.
Special K for the same reason.
The Adios tablets made my hair fall out badly!
Tava Tea made me feel quite good, healthy and stuff. But it didn't make me lose any weight at all.
lets see I've tried
weight watchers, cost me a fortune on microwave meals cos it was easier than working out points
slimming world, not a great meat eater so always had green days and ended up eating the same thing every day
addios tablets, waste of money,
slim fast, just didn't work for me
exante, didn't have the energy for the 10 minute cylcle to work (nearly killed me)
Well i have tried a few too:

  1. Thermogen (i think - years ago slimming tablet that just made you lose the plot, never sleep and get the shakes, lost about 7lbs in a week but as soon as you stop taking them you seem to end up with a horrible jelly belly! )
  2. Zotrim - taste like black pepper - lost about 7lbs again then it just stopped working!
  3. WW - Lost 8lbs, got so fed up of counting points!
  4. SW - only did one day - loved the food and will stick to some principals but just feel you become obsessed with syns!
  5. Healthy Eating - doing that now, don't want to sit worrying about what points /syns i have used, just want to cook healthy meals that all my family can enjoy and swap really naughty stuff for not so naughty stuff if i feel i can't deprive myself!

I can't say whats the best but i think Healthy Eating will be good for my lifestyle :) as i need to change my attitude towards food.
I have done
WW - had some success many years ago
Grapefruit diet?!?!? I'm sure it went something like eat half a grapefruit before every meal and the grapefruit cancels out what you eat, worked for a while as I was so fed up of grapefruits that I missed meals just so I didnt have to eat another pigging grapefruit

Bought one of those "sauna suits" you wore this all in one babygro thing made out of a duvet while exercising to make you sweat?!?! First time I wore it I fainted from heat exhaustion :D

Probably many more that I have forgotten about too
cabbage soup diet - couldn't stand the smell (of me or the soup)

atkins - too expensive, and I really don't like meat very much at the best of times.

calorie counting - felt like I starved myself all day, would get stroppy and pissed off by evening and stuff my face late at night, I put on weight.

break up diet - brilliant, started going to the gym like a mad obsessive woman, lost 3 stone, got a new boyfriend and put it all back on again!

SW- well, we sort of follow this now, we did it properly for about 4 days, now we basically use it as a guide, and just eat the free food - as the free food is the healthy food, and can't be bothered with the syns or hex things (which sound like spells to me)

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