okay, so i just went for my gym induction .....

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  1. gingernutlover

    gingernutlover Full Member

    and i told the guy about the diet, mainly cos i thought i should start any exercise quite slowly ....

    i have just had a huge lecture about the fact that ketosis is where muscle tissue and fat in muscles in burnt and he told me the 2 stone i have lost is mainly water and muscle, he seemed really unhappy about me doing anything at the gym and kept recommending i take a banana with me :confused: even though i explained several times why i wouldn't do this. anyway, the only way he would give a programme at all is that i said i was doing the diet for 2 more weeks and then doing low GI style healthy eating.

    is any of what he said true?

    also, feel a bit bad about lying, but i have 15 lbs to go til bmi 25 (my target) so actually intend to stay on the diet for about anothe 3.5 weeks until my holiday when i should be very close to that target - fingers crdssed.

    the whole not eating thing had been really getting me down again lately and I had considered that when i cam back from hols i might not continue the diet but he has made me feel bad about it all - what to do next, have 2 weeks worth of diet left so will be using them up and i really really want to make sure i get somthing out of all this and not end up the fat blob i was a couple of months back

    i have to go and see him again in 2.5 weeks when he thinks i will have finished the diet.
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  3. gingernutlover

    gingernutlover Full Member

    oh his, other suggestion was, why dont i eat some toast or a sandwich before coming to the gym, and thats when i nearly lost my temper cos i had tried to explain to him that this would put me out of ketosis and so my wieght loss would slow and i would feel hungry. ggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
  4. SandraEG

    SandraEG Full Member

    Lighter Life
    Hmm. This is one reason I haven't told many gym-type people that I am on a vlcd. He is just relaying to you the things he believes based on what he has been told. BUT it is really not possible to lose 2 stone of water and muscle and not have lost any fat.

    I don't know what supporting material you get in CD but in LL we have a whole Q&A section based on this stuff.

    Essentially the diets we are doing are based on medical evidence. They are given to people in hospitals and are approved by the National Forum on Obesity made up of medical professionals.

    We will all lose some muscle on these diets BUT the LL literature explains this is in the same ratio as the muscle-fat stored in our body. About 7 lbs will have been water (i.e. glycogen) and you need to be aware of that when you start to eat again.

    You are losing weight in a healthy way.
  5. gingernutlover

    gingernutlover Full Member

    thankyou for that sandraeg i think i shall just carry on with the diet and if he wants to believe what he does then thats up to him, also if he wants to believe i have stopped the diet then fine and :p to him

    i did ask how i had managed to lose 7 inches of water from my waist, since i was pretty damn sure i have never had that much mucsle in that area :D he didn't really answer

    still kept going on about bloody bananas, i said to him, okay i'll bring one with me to the gym - not gonna eat it, but i can carry bananas around if it makes him happy

    it will be one very black banana in a few weeks lol
  6. Sez

    Sez has started again!!

    Sounds like this might be time for a teensy white lie, just to keep Mr Gym happy! After all, so long as you feel ok and are able to do what you need to without collapsing (!!) how will he ever know?

    Then once you are back on real food, you can tell all, if you want to, with a great big smug smile on your face!

    All the best!
  7. Kate

    Kate CDC/PT/PITA

    I think he's a little bit confused about what ketosis is (I assume this was one of the gym instructors, not a personal trainer?) which is the root of the confusion.

    He wants you to eat carbs before exercise because usually, carbs would be your body's main source of fuel, and that's particularly important when you're exercising. Because he doesn't understand ketosis, he doesn't understand why you won't eat carbs.

    Most gym instructors and personal trainers do understand ketosis, though, and if you're on a VLCD and you have a personal trainer, you should tell him or her about it, because it is an important consideration when that person is putting together a personal training plan for you. However, when it's someone on the gym floor showing you how the machines work - don't tell anyone I said this - they don't really need to know.
  8. gingernutlover

    gingernutlover Full Member

    lol, what he dont know wont hurt him eh! yeah, and i am so near my goal now that it just rocked my confidence in the diet a bit, have come so far, really dont want to mess it up

    my little girl has a selection of very real looking plastic fruit, woder if he'd be fooled :D
  9. Royal Purple

    Royal Purple Full Member

    The Cambridge Diet- Sole Source
    hey gingernut i totally agree with SandraEG it is absolutely possible to lose so much weight and just simply attribute every single pound to 'water loss'. It's really absurd cos really, how much water do you think we have in us? 2 stone is too much to be just water or muscle or whatever.

    Trust me, Gingernut. when you're on this diet, there will be so much temptations around you and I'm not even talking about food. everyone from every angle of your life willl be telling you their own version of 'what they heard' or 'know' bout VLCD, and sometimes you're so tempted to believe them cos subconsciously you'd want to have that easier way to lose weight (i.e. not having to starve and still be able to lose weight at the same time).

    Trust me, I used to jog about 6-7km everyday, 4-5 times a week. But because I couldnt control my appetite I put on weight! the reason why i chose CD is cos you dont have to eat. When u go on diets and all that, you're stil eating and there wil come a time when you get so hungry that at the next meal you just binge on everything you can find and more. However on CD you're just drinking and you don't feel the hunger after a while.

    Frankly, if I were you, I'd stick to CD to the T until I reach my target weight. :) I know it's so easy to say but really. I find that most of the time we're overweight not because of whether we exercise or not, but because of how we eat. Why not stick to it since you foresee you'll only have less than a month to go? :)
  10. Royal Purple

    Royal Purple Full Member

    The Cambridge Diet- Sole Source
    oh dear, i meant absolutely IMPOSSIBLE. lol
  11. gingernutlover

    gingernutlover Full Member

    okay, it is 3 weeks today until i go on holiday and i weighed 11,10 this morning

    likely i can be 11 before i go, hmmm maybe

    he can shove his opinuions up his very skinny .........
  12. carebear1

    carebear1 Full Member

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    I don't know about the lie, i personally wouldnt because what if you did collaps on one of the machines and got hurt? alot of ladies on this diet have reported weak legs/cramps and feeling faint and i'm one of them caused by the lack of salt and carbs in this diet. He has to look out for you and also the gym and his job would prob be on the line if that ever did happen as you told him about your VLCD and he let you workout. If you was him would you be happy to take the risk?
  13. Kate

    Kate CDC/PT/PITA

    That's why I asked if he was a gym instructor or a personal trainer, because if it's just a gym induction rather than a personal training session, then he really doesn't need to know. It's entirely the OP's responsibility. At an induction, usually all that happens is that you get shown how to use the machines safely and they make some suggestions about a generic training programme. The topic of diet wouldn't generally come up in this situation unless, as happened here, the client raises it herself. However, if it's a personal training session, as I said above, it would be very important to let the trainer know.
  14. Maz35

    Maz35 Full Member

    Weight watchers
    be careful you don't stick that banana where you shouldn't when's he's around! LOL
    I do 8 classes a week at the gym and my instructors are fab, not one has said a negative thing about what i'm doing!
    Good luck x
  15. JustJo

    JustJo Cambridge Counsellor

    Hehe - your 'banana ideas' made me chuckle!

    The gym guy really is talking rubbish. I lost five and a half stone on cd, and went from a size 22 to a size 10/12. How could that be humanly possible if I only lost water and muscle?!! I can say with all certainty that the big rolls that have now gone off my torso wrre definitely not made up of muscle and water!

    As has been said, vlcds have been studied for many years, and are recognised as a viable way of losing weight by official health organisations.

    I began going to the gym with around a stone left to lose, and I had no problems with fatigue, weakness or dizziness. Just know your own limits and you'll be absolutely fine. What you eat or don't eat is really none of the gym guy's business, so long as you know that you're feeling fit and healthy.

    Jo x
  16. minime100

    minime100 Full Member

    I agree with everyone who has posted. I swear if the 6 stone I have lost is all muscle and water I dont give a Crap, cos I have gone from size 24 to size 14 in four months. I have often gone to the gym and done an hour's swim and an hour HARD WORK in the gym before having my first CD of the day and have not experienced any problems at all. The whole point of ketosis is that your body is forced to use fat as its form of energy. If we started munching the old banana/toast/other carbs then your workout would not be burning fat, merely the carbs you had just put in your mouth. Tell him you're eating low GI and keep going to goal as planned, that's what I am doing. My gym bloke has been supportive (though he is a bit scared of me :cool:) and has said that the more training I do the better so I can tone up as quickly as I am losing the fat. Dont be disheartened, noone can lose 2 stone and not lose fat as well.:D. Well done for getting the gym bug, I am passionate about the exercise thing being as important to my (eventual) weight maintenance as getting my head around correct portion sizes.
  17. Cute'n'Quirky

    Cute'n'Quirky Banned

    The muscle cramps tend to be caused by overworking the body, not by any problem in the CD plan.

    When I first joined a gym some six years ago the instructor kept increasing and increasing the power of the workout and about 10 minutes into the programme I got horrendous cramp. He said to work through it!

    I bought myself a heart rate monitor and discovered that he had my heart rate up far too high for my age!! Once I had the equipment altered to work to my own Polar Heart Rate Monitor I had no more problems

    I did go and tell him exactly what I thought about him and he wasn't impressed - his own stupid fault.

    These gym instructors, for the most part, haven't got a clue!
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  19. haywat

    haywat Full Member

    I go to a Gym, but haven't been able to go lately, as my DD is off of school. Once she goes back I will just swim 3 times a week. I hate the Gym anyhow lol. It bores me to tears.
  20. Toots

    Toots Gold Member


    Personally, I would stick with the diet, smile and humour Mr Gym. I'm probably too late as you'll be on holiday now.

    If it's any consolation I did my aerobics instructors course whilst on CD SS - it was so much fun coming up with exuses not to go to the pub with them for lunch for months in a row and when we covered nutrition -oooh see me squirm!!

    I guess the main thing is to listen to your body - you know how you feel, they don't. I managed to exercise for about 4 hours every saturday as we practised our routines so it can be done!!

    Ails xx
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