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Old Timers and Corned Beef

A quick question for long time SW members (or perhaps for people who have rejoined after a few years)

Corned Beef used to be free on red days. I know because I have some old SW cookbooks with some great sounding recipes and wondered if any one still counts it as free on the new plan.

I can understand why something tinned like Heinz Macaroni Cheese may change from free to syn-ed - due to a change of recipe or something. Surely though, corned beef is still just corned beef. If it worked as free before surely it would still work now.

Any thoughts?

(spot the forum member who has a Corned Beef Craving) :p
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i don't know but i would like to find out!

will keep my eye on this thread
I guess the only way to find out is to give it a go and if you still lose weight...theres your answer.
I will say, when I used to follow SW when it was free, I used to still have good losses, but then lots of things have changed since then so maybe its all relative?

Let us know how it goes......I love Corned beef!!!

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I made corned beef hash last night and it was so nice! Let's just say I'm not even trying this week though :(
Am interested to find out if it's free on a red!
My SW consultant told me that corned beef is no longer free due to the amount of nasties (additives, fat etc) that is now contained in it. Over the years, the manufacturers have added more and more fat etc which is why is it no longer free!
My SW consultant told me that corned beef is no longer free due to the amount of nasties (additives, fat etc) that is now contained in it. Over the years, the manufacturers have added more and more fat etc which is why is it no longer free!
Thats interesting as I have always thought of it as a fatty product - you can see it out of the tin! Always been like that in my head.
I think I remember seeing "extra lean" though - and the Deli Slices all look much more lean than the tinned stuff...
like you said i cant see that they have changed the recipie and if they have it would most probably have been to lower levels of salt in it totally up to you if you want to risk it for a biscuit (well a tin of corned beef anyway) if it doesnt affect your losses then go for it

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my syns online says

100g of lean (?) corned beef is 2.5 syns
standard is 3.5syns

I think they are probably referring to the stuff from the deli I suppose..


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SW are constantly looking at the plan and adjust it as necessary depending on how manufacture has changed and new discoveries about what our bodies need. Personally I wouldn't trust a plan that hadn't changed in years as it would suggest that research isn't on-going. I am encouraged by the fact that SW are always keeping up with the latest developments. I know that the plan they lay out works and decide not to question it as I am fitter and healthier now than I have ever been thanks to SW
I've never really liked Corned Beef... but I'd sure love Macaroni Cheese to be free!

But, yeah, I guess I agree with Taz. I wouldn't trust a plan that wasn't ever changing. You've got to keep up to date with research... but also what works for members. And, if it's now synned, then I guess it's a syn. If Slimming World just stuck to the same same all the time... I'll be suspicious.

Normally, I'd be all for using your own common sense in conjunction with any diet plan (for eg, I still feel a bit weird about eating as many Muller Lights as I want... even though they're free), but on this one I'd stick to the rules. I'm learning to trust the plan... at least for now!

But 2.5 syns aint bad though? You could still get a fair chunk for that on a red day and keep within your syns?
I am following the old plan as that is what I am used to. I have been eating corned beef and I have lost 3lbs for the last 3 weeks. I think you should try it and see how you go. I think if you were going to have it several times a week it might make a difference but if its only now and again it might be ok.


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The stuff from the butcher's should be fairly lean...what about having it as your syns on a green day with beans and SW chips? Think I'll be trying that!
The problem with this is that when they change the plan... they don't just change one thing.

So, for example, I understand they used to have a strict 1 HEXA limit. Now, it's 1-2 HEXAs. Maybe in order to increase the HEXAs, they had to cut back on some of the fattier meats?

If you start picking bits from old/new plans that you like and not sticking to one plan (new or old!) ... then you could get in trouble.

I really don't think it would make that much of a difference, though. If you want some corned beef, have some corned beef. I'd syn it... but at 2.5 per 100g (and how many g can you eat of corned beef?!) it isn't going to make that much difference in the grand scheme of things.


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You really don't want to know!!!!

How do you think I got in this mess in the first place! LOL :D

And @ Janie.com if I had a succesful plan with free kebab meat I'd be Kate Moss in no time at all! ;)

Thanks for all your thoughts and words of wisdom though....
I had 3 large doner kebabs last week at 12.5 syns. I didn't eat the bread, just had to with loads of salad and some low cal mayo. And I lost 3lbs this week!


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Oh i remember when corned beef was free. Does anyone remember the corned beef quiche recipe. made with eggs, mashed up corned beef and cottage cheese. It was yummy.

And remember the macaroni thing you made with a tin of macaroni and 6 eggs, mixed it up and baked in the oven, that was amazing, i miss that one.


I ate my willpower!
Show off!!! :giggle:
I felt quite guilty :eek:. My mate was naughty for just 1 day. She had a subway with the most massive muffin. She lost 1lb but felt that I had been more bad. However, when we added her syns up, she had had 56 syns, whereas my kebab was only 12.5! :eek:

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