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old wifes tale?


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Its true. when it comes to losing weight and burning fat men do tend to have an easier time of it than women do. Testosterone the male hormone that causes hair growth, deeper voices and other male primary and secondary sexual characteristics also regulates muscle mass. Men generally and biologically speaking, have greater muscle mass, and can build greater muscle mass easier because of the higher testosterone levels – and the higher your muscle mass the quicker and easier you burn fats.
Women not only have the lower testosterone levels, but on the other hand female hormones tend to make the body retain fat. Any couple that has trained side by side or have entered a weight loss program together will tell you that the man always takes weight off quicker than the woman. Me and my boyfriend included, hes lost it twice as fast as me. Im catching him up now tho!


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Tee hee!! I cant take credit for that I knew what I wanted to say but couldnt be arsed to type it all out so I copied and pasted off a web site lolol xx
Its all to do with men being the 'hunters and gatherers' and women bearing the kiddies! Not a very scientific way of putting it, I know lol. If women lose too much body fat, they are likely to become infertile, so our bodies try to hold onto fat.
After years of watching 'The Biggest Loser' I would have to agree with that. It just seems that men find it easier to lose weight than women, it's really irritating.


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My hubby always looses quicker and easier than I do :(


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Yeah, not just the muscle mass thing either. According to brain scans, men don't crave food for as long as women do. They can turn off much quicker, whereas a craving will just keep playing on us ladies minds.

Not only that, leptin levels which control metabolism, cravings, fat storage, weight gain etc works 'differently' for men. When we diet, our metabolism slows pretty quick. It takes longer to slow for men. The opposite is true for when we eat more again after dieting. Men's metabolism speeds up much quicker when eating after dieting, whereas ladies metabolism does it's own stoopid thing :D

With leptin levels being lower for a lady when dieting means that she is likelier to be hungrier, crave more etc etc. So, probably harder for a lady to stick to a diet compared to man.

Not cut and pasted, just one of my areas of interest :)


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Lol unfortunately not, although Im very interested (my boyfriend would say obsessed) in reading everything I can science wise. Im a bit odd like that :p[/QUOTE

lol nothing wrong with that, are you studing any specific areas.
im as bright as a 20 watt light bulb, think in need to learn something too lol :)


wants to get slim
to purple star,Katie_Victoria,WillowFae ,Berryred, KD, Riotgrrrrl thank you all for replying to my post after reading them i feel like i should apologize on behalf of all men i didnt realise how hard it was for women to lose weight and the dangers and changes you go through its been a real eye opener for me so thank you all and sorry x :)

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