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Omg fear factor in the bathroom

Hi everybody,

I know this is gross but I have no one else to turn to fo advice. I'm on LT for 27 days and I haven't had any problems in the bathroom department...however I hadn't 'gone' in 5 days and felt really bad. This morning before my shake I had to rush badly, I was in the bathroom in absolute agony for at least 40 mins. I have never experienced pain like it. I was screaming and sweating...I alo lost quite a bit of blood. I know this is all horrible but I'm concerned about the blood loss and frequency of this happening again. It is also painful to sit down. Sorry for the explicit post but I would really appreciate any advice. I use fibresure but not regularly. It had never been a problem in the past...thanks to anyone brave enough to respond.
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Hey there

Don't worry, most of us have been there at some point! It sounds like you are very constipated and the blood is probably caused by bleeding internal piles which will also cause the pain when you are sitting down. If you are still bunged up you will probably need a gentle laxative to get things moving and then need to take a supplement such as fibresure or fibogel regularly to keep things soft. You can also use something like Anusol which should make things a little more comfortable.

I hope it gets sorted soon.

Thanks a million for the advice Porgeous, I never even thought about that, I will ask my chemist tomorrow at weigh in. Your pix are amazing by the way! well done
Hi , can I just ask did you manage to pass some poo ? I presume that you did and this was what caused the bleeding ? fresh blood is a sign of a small tear caused by over straining and stretching ( sorry TMI ) and isnt anything serious but you need to try and avoid it happening again , you may also develop piles if you dont sort it out .
I am on TFR and have the same problem , i tried fibresure but it didnt really help so now take dulcolax twice a week to make sure I go and also keep a stock of glyceryn suppositories in ( you can get them at boots) which I probably need to use once a week :(

The best things to do are drink as much water as possible and make sure you use a gentle laxative regularly ( senna or dulcolax are the best in my opinion )

hope this helps
Hi Determinator,

Thanks so much for your reply. This was the info I needed, the girl who does LT with me is really new to it and I was afraid she wouldn't know much except to tell me to use more fibresure. Is it ok to take dulcolax on LT? I've never ever had this problem before. I passed lots of poo....so much again sorry everyone...I weighed myself after and I was 2lbs lighter. The pain was just so bad that I screamed and the neighbours knocked on the door to make sure that I was ok, it was so embarassing, I had tears streaming down my face. The must think I'm a right loon. I will get dulcolax in Boots and take it twice a week and as for the supsositories I can't even fathom the idea of touching the area. Thanks again for the info and taking the time to reply :)
Thanks Irene,
I'm glad to get the advice, I couldn't go through the torture again
no problem .. I know exactly how you are feeling ... it is aweful and it feels like you will never be able to pass it .. much like giving birth in fact !!!!

I tried senna first but find dulcolax very effective , some people find it a bit too effective so try 1 tab to start with .. and yes its fine on LT :)
Thanks Determinator,
and congrats on your fab weigh loss, very inspirational x
I have also had similar toilet troubles, and I now take original fybogel sachets and dulcoease (which is a stool softener). Also try to sip your water every 15 minutes to keep your bowel hydrated to prevent hard stools.

Hope this helps
Clair x
Hi Mrsd2b, I too had the same problems when I was on LT two years ago (thinking of restarting back to square one but thats an entirely different story), like everyone else has said, Ive been there and I dreaded going to the bathroom for that particular reason. My bf at the time even asked if I was ok after about 30 mins. I did take dulcolax and senna, but looking back on it now, I dont think I took enough. Keep drinking the water and check with the chemist to see how much you should take of the gentle laxative, you will need to find the balance, everyone is different- we dont want you to be on the loo all day with the other extremities!

Hope all is working a bit more smoothly soon ;)
Thanks everyone, I will take all the advice and speak to my pharmacist tomorrow, there is no way I could go through that ordeal again. I will certainly try the ducolax and increase my water intake (usually about 3l a day)
Again thanks everyone xx


No longer a redhead though!
Great thread with lots of information. I was wondering though - how often should we be going to the loo (for a poo) whilst on TFR??

Lisa x
Hi LipoLisa, I was going on average 3 times a week until this week. I think its because I wasn't drinking enough water...I have started again. It is so true that water really is your best friend on LT. I'm definitely having a minimum of 3l per day, my pharmacists told me do not go over 4l and she was quite adamant.
Good Luck!
Hi LipoLisa,
Just an extra note, I really would have fibresure or dulcolax as was recommended to me because I wouldn't want my worst enemy to go through what I went through this morning. I wish I knew what I know now


No longer a redhead though!
Thanks for the extra advice, I am going about twice a week I think and no problems so far. I am in week 8 now. I do have some laxative stashed in the drawer now for emergencies - you never know eh!

Lisa x
Soooo glad this post is out there.....on Good Friday I can't tell you the state I was in!! I was sat on the toilet for over an hour, sorry to be so graphic, but it was half out, and half in and wasn't going to move one way or the other, this was after taking Senna for the 2 days previously!
Eventually, I was able to pass it, but there was A LOT of blood at the same time, am beginning to suspect small tear in that area but afraid to look :)
I'm definately going to take the Senna every other day whether I feel I need it or not. I've been doing this for 13 weeks and not had this problem before, doing nothing different, so don't understand it!!


Silver Member
Me too - seems a trend at the moment. Was in such pain on Easter Sunday, took some senna and some shifted, but still felt bloated. When I weighed yesterday and saw a 1lb gain from last Wednesday I knew I was in trouble! The dulcolax worked miracles and this morning - 3lb lighter! :eek:

Before this week I was taking it weekly, and thought I could manage without, as I now had the fibresure - now I know better, the fibre does very little for me!
Hi Nicki9 and Dunders,

I truly feel your pain and as far as I'm concerned on LT we are all in the same boat so I'm glad I threw light on the torture we go through in the toilet. There is some great advice on the previous page, I have bought dulcolax, going to take it twice a week and take a big spoon of fibresure every day. I will also drink 3l of water a day minimum, I cannot go through that ordeal again!
5lbs down on 4th weigh in today :) making 25 in total! Good luck everyone and thanks for giving all the advice/sharing the experiences!

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