OMG FREE pizza

Ok.. today was Freshers Fayre at my university... and I always go along for the freebies (afterall thats all part of being a student).

Anyways... Dominos Pizza were there handing out FREE pizza!! I had to walk past their stand... Nightmare!!

My little devilish mind was saying to me... Vicky, you haven't cheated once in your 7 days so far... not nibbled a single thing- you have been very good and stuck to all of the rules! Go on- Enjoy this little slice (it's only 1 thin slice of pizza) You will feel better as it's only small, and it will stop ur obsessiveness when it comes to looking at food longingly.

However- I beat my devilish mind... Today I won!

The pizza looked and smelt sooooo good! And I am missing savoury stuff (as I don't like soup everything is sweet)... but I wasn't gonna back down! The kind lady even wafted it infront of my face as she offered it to me...

No thankyou I said- I can't eat I'm afraid
(lol- what must she have thought)

Vicky 1 - Devilish Mind 0
Well done Vicky! You won that battle, hopefully you'll win the war too! Keep going!
Well done Vicky!!

Just think how p'd you would be if you had of eaten and how empowered you now feel you resisted it.

Also remember they put varnish on top of their pizzas so they shine!! I mean how grim is that!!
Oh Vicky,

Congratulatons, you done good girl.
Well done hun!! Serious congrat's..
it's harder than we realise sometimes isn't it! :rolleyes: