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OMG - I am mortified!

We went to a wedding reception last night and photos have now been posted on facebook.

I obviously know I carry weight (hence SW!) and I currenty weigh 17st 8lb, but never really see or think how big I am until I see it in photos, if that makes sense.

I am absolutely mortified by what I looked like last night, I look hideous and just like my mother (have vowed never to look like my mom! - in a nice way.) and I look about 50 years of age (I am 37!)

Anyone else ever feel like this in photos?

Thats it, this weight is coming off!!
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Hi there

To be honest, this is exactly the kind of thing that spurred me into joining SW... I saw some pictures of myself in work, and couldn't believe that the fat girl was me!

Don't look at them - I bet everyone else in the photos only see their own flaws - we all do.

Take care :)
my friend put some of me onto FB a few weekends ago, one of them is ok and the other is hideous... maybe doesnt help that i am with 2 girls who are about a size 12 and 10, i am a size 18-20! i have the fattest face ever, luckily you can only see my top half as we are sat at a table! ewwww rank!


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As I've got older and larger, I hate photos of myself, and sometimes I catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror, and think, s**t, is that really me?
I hate looking at photos of myself, but stick one on the fridge and one on the inside of the cupboard door - makes me stop reaching for the extra syns! X
I find all my fat photos inspire me when I feel bad or lazy. I have a horrible photo of my as my screensaver on my laptop. I have even put a photo on the fridge to stop my when I feel hungry!!

Fingers crossed they inspire you like line did ;-)


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If I see a camera I can beat Usain Bolt to the opposite end of the country!


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A camera is my biggest enemy at the moment ;o)...xx


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I'm the same - I absolutely hate seeing pictures of myself.
I can't wait for the day that someone shows me a photo that they've taken of me that I'm proud of.


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I got my partner to take some pics of me a couple of weeks ago - I wanted a decent one for my linkedin page so I got all smartened up and was doing all sorts of smart and business-like poses.

I look absolutely nothing like the way I imagined. Suddenly, I seem really old and fat (I always seem to have been able to take a decent photo by just going at a different angle or something). It's really spurred me on!


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It was the photos taken of me at Christmas last year that made me join SW in January. I knew I had got bigger but seeing those photos horrified me. 5 months later I'm nearly 2 stone lighter and so much happier, someone took a photo of me today when I did race for life, tagged me on FB and I'm actually quite proud of it! :D

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