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OMG i am so hungry!!!

I started CD on thursday morning and i am SO HUNGRY!!

real hungry not emotional hungry.:sigh:

Someone tell me this will pass please. DH is ont hungry anymore and he started the same time as me.:copon:

I have in the last two days eaten (one each day) a small (less than half the size of a matchbox) block of cheese. :eek: HELP :)
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Laugh, love, live!
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move up to SS+ if it will make you feel better. Or drink more water, it does pass xx


Is determined!
It does pass i promise :) drinking water is the way to go! Really try and stick with it, the first few days are really tough, but once you get over that you will start feeling great! Try and distract yourself, have a bath or watch a good film xx
It will definitely pass hun - hang in there - as I tell my dieters 'distraction, distraction, distraction!!!', that will help - you are so very hungry because you are now on day 4 of the diet - your body is running on empty - its glycogen (carbohydrate) stores are depleted & your body is desperately trying to find another source for energy....in the next day or so it will find your body fat ...& then ....your hunger will decrease and then disappear...

hang in there hun - you are doing great!

debs xx


One day at a time :)
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it probably was a mistake - eating anything stimulates your appetite let alone tasty cheese!!
Put that behind you + forget about it... tomorrow is a new day !
You should be in ketosis tomorrow so hopefully are over the worst
If you are desparate an extra shake (or half) would be so much better than cheese or anything else
Keep going it's worth it and think about your weigh-in which will soon be here!!
Good luck
I have only just started the cambridge too and the hunger pangs are difficult but I am soooooo on a mission to stick with it that I riding through the hunger pangs - my house has never been so clean!!! Stick with it - you are putting yourself through this for a reason and imagine how fantastic you are going to feel as you see the weight dropping off and those clothes getting baggy and the best of all, when someone comments on how good you are looking!! To get to my goal weight, I have 10 stone to lose and I am determined this time.xxx
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I started CD on Friday and I am also so hungry, every time my tummy rumbles hubby looks at me, he thinks I am mad going to these extremes to lose weight, but this morning I have been particularly hungry, but drank loads of water, took the dog for a walk and by lunchtime I actually wasn't very hungry and more, so have only just had my "hot chocolate" and I put a bit more water in it (just over 10 fl oz) and it tasted lovely and gave me a bit more to drink.... lets hope ketosis is kicking in at last...


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Stick with it hun - believe me if I can get through it anyone can - I have no willpower normally at all xxx


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dont let yourself down if this is what you really want stay strong and ul b fine by 2morrow wen the pounds start falling off youl feel brill keep goin gud luck

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