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omg! i can cook lol


Dreaming of being slim!
ok nothing exotic but this week i have really got my finger out and done some cooking. i have lived with hubby 10 years now i have cooked more this week then i ever have. and my fave? sw chips egg and mushy peas lol. might try something a bit more daring next week. hubby nearly fainted when he came in from work on friday and i had a steak and onion pie (from 2009 calendar) ready and waiting for him he thought he had gone to wrong house. my consultant is egging me on loads to try cooking myself so now everything i make she gets a text with a photo on lol , i have just come back from the gym this morning and made 5% fat sausages, bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes on grill then did us 2 fried eggs each and tin of beans for hubby mmmmmmmmm he says he thinks he likes his new wife lol lol wait till he sees whats for supper..... hehehehe;)
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Dreaming of being slim!
forgot to add to that... what do you all recommend for a novice chef to try cooking i dont really like fancy foods. i love just plain meat and veg dinners but must admit im getting a little bored of them now. i prefer red days but i work 4pm - midnight so am limited to what i can cook fresh (work from home so can have laptop in kitchen with me while i cook but dont tell me boss lol ) :D


Go team Mindy!!! lol I love all the cooking :) It's nice to cook something from scratch and KNOW that it is totally healthy and filling.

I've just started uni and i'm already know as "the one that cooks" in my flat, lol. No ready meals for meee!
Im no exotic cook, and its not really something to 'cook' in that it doesnt need lots of ingredients, but I love steamed chicken stuffed with Laughing cow light and wrapped in bacon drizzed with soya sauce. great for a red day and very filling. What job do you do? Id never be able to work those hours! x
I like mince, passata, and grated cheese like a spag bol without the spag, but if you use quorn mice you could have the spag - my suggestions are prob too simple for you (and most people) Im no whizz, but just bout get by! x


Dreaming of being slim!
yeah i have that on my list to make on thursday ( sad but i found it helps to work a weeks menu out and stick to it) im a chat room moderator on a bingo website. xxx
Ah I see, that would explain your funny hours, bet its quite exciting, seeing people win money! x


soon to be skinny minnie
Well done on all the cooking mindy, my favorite is sw chips egg and mushy peas too. I usually stick to simple dishes to cook but i think i'll buy some different spices and things and try some of the recipies in the mags and calender too.


I ate my willpower!
You could try my double pasta lasange. It's easy to make and lasts for 2 days easily. I am having it for dinner tonight too! It's in the recipe section if you want to have a look.
oh your double pasta lasagne was fab but i made far to much of the mince so i added some chilli and had it with a baked potato next day. my next day off i m gonna make loads gotta get organised now i m bk at work

Debs x


Finding inspiration
I had a mighty tea tonight... SW chips, Quorn beef style pepper grill steak (has a few syns but not many) fried egg and beans. Oh and had a lonely open cap mushroom in the fridge so I sliced and fried that in fry light with some garlic powder and thyme and soy sauce. It was so amazingly satisfying... Who says diets leaving you feeling deprived???

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