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omg i need help .. motivation asap! read

Im 23 with 2 kids and just got engaged. I've been dieting and working out since last Monday. I lost 20 pounds. I was 215.. now im 204-206. Im addicted to weighing my self. My fiance has never seen me naked in the light, worn shorts or tank tops! Due to my own in security. I almost don't even want to be intimate. Im very pretty I get that all the time. Its just this weight.
Im not loosing any more and I've suffered in the past with starving my self, and throwing up. I stopped that a few months ago, but I slip here and there. And specially now that im not loosing any more its over taking me!
I want to loose this weight the right way and be pround when I get compliments.
I want to be down to 160 pounds. And ill do anything to be in my wedding dress and look amazing. And to be comfortable in my life, and healthy.
My weight has always been up and down with having kids. The only way I no to diet is the un healthy ways
And that's how I've lost 50 pounds in the past and 30.
Any advice how u loose weight fast and healthy? I've stuck to my diet and exercise daily and my weight has stayed the same. And I no the first 10 is the easiest. But I feel like I keep doing it all right and it'd not going any where.
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Hi Hun didnt wan o read n run... What abou joining a class/group like ww, sw etc...Have. Tried something like this previously? At least u will have the assurance ur losing weight properly.. Its great that enjoyin ur exercise ... wishing u all the best x

Ps Apologies with the spelling errors am on my I pad


addicted to minimins!!
hey mandy.. why dont you come over to the lipotrim section of the website and have a read of all our posts and diaries.. lipotrim is a tough diet but its gets the result you want and quicker than usual. it requires determination and dedication and its run through pharmacys and gps.. come on over and have a look and if you have any questions just ask and somebody will give you the answers you need :) good luck..:) x


addicted to minimins!!
go to all diets in the top lefts hand corner and scroll down till you see lipotrim..click it and your away!
I know I'm going to sound like an old bore, but seriously the best way to lose weight, that stays off is to lose slowly, I was exactly the same (wanting to lose weight NOW! lol!)but after losing and gaining the same 1stone for the last 10yrs I am aiming for 1lb a week loss with some light exersize and a 500cal a day reduction.
When is your wedding? xx
What's" fast" yes asap!!! Im getting married in 2012 but I want this weigh gone asap specially by summer I miss my old body n want to look good n happy n young n not so self conscious
I am dieting n working out daily since jan 3. Im on a 500 calorie dinner n slim fast. I exercise ever day for a half hour to an hour. I know doing it the right way is the best way. I posted this a week or so ago, I was really down but I am not doing that thus time. What is a stone by the way


addicted to minimins!!
stone is 14lbs. and 2.2kilos is a pound i think! Mandy you look great in that pic of yours really healthy,,the advice i will give you is maybe you should put that dinner up to 600kcal or have the same meal but with a 100kcal snack as well as i know it needs to total at 600 plus the two slimfast shakes or bars on top. keep up the exercise and keep up your water intake and youll be at goal in no time!x

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