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Extra Easy Days OMG ! I'm at TARGET!!!!! (& actually a bit less than that!)

I don't believe it! I have lost 4 lbs this week, & am 10 stone 6.5 lbs, half a pound UNDER target! I am stunned! I have had 3 extra easy days in the latter part of this week, & I'm convinced this has done the trick again ( you may remember my post following holiday!) I cannot stop smiling! :D:D:D:D
Now the fun starts with maintaining I suppose! Any tips?
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Don't go on holiday again!!!

Joking aside, we frequently go away for a week or so (we're retired),
and that has been our downfall. It's hard enough maintaining whilst at home, so with the added "well, we are on holiday" mentality, it becomes even more difficult! We always TAKE our Scan Bran and Mugshots with us...

I think that my advice would be that you simply CAN'T relax too much. Think about the choices you made when actually losing the weight. You really can't stray too far from those, you've got to still think about EVERYTHING that you put in your mouth, weigh and measure all your HEA's and B's, and don't - like me - think that you know it all now. You really have got to still be vigilant! Having said that, one recent target member at our class is now out of target, having fallen more than 3 pounds BELOW her target weight, and she is not the first!!!

So, Good Luck CornishPisky. Do keep us posted as to how you are doing - and maybe give US a few tips!


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Congratulations. It is a wonderful feeling.
Now comes the more difficult part.
Speaking from experience, as I have targeted twice, please be careful. I relaxed too much, and the weight came back. I did maintain for about 6 months and then relaxed and BANG, back to square one.
I am sure you will be sensible but it is so easy to slide, with just a little extra here and there until it's a train smash.
On a positive note, there is one old lady who comes to our class. She must be about 80 and has maintained for 13 years.
I think she lost about 4 stone. Lately she was poorly and went below the target margin and is finding it hard to put on the extra pound or two!
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hey gorgeous. Im ooober pleased for you, isn't it the best feeling in the world?

My tips to you would be, Always go to class when you can.
give your self time to ajust. Being big, getting smaller.. and being at the end of that tunnel are completly different stages. Without learning who you are all over again, you could turn to food as a familiar comfort. If that makes any sence.

remember how hard you worked to get here, every secound of the day. Because not only will that build your confidence and your self belief, but it will also remind you when you know youv had one choclate too many, that is is a journey you never plan to take again.

Dont be uptight. As others have said, don't get too relaxed, and i still write everything i eat down, it means that i let myself have that dessert and that buiscuit, BUT.. if i write it all down and see that maybe i'd have one too many treats that week.. to rein it in, or just to know what to expect.

and i think this one is extremly important. Target is not the exact weight in which you hit and called target at. YOU have 3 pounds either way which you can chose to use. I'v been target -1, and target +3. and i lose and gain the same 2-3 lbs over and over. Because that keeps me in target. trying to stay the same is impossible, and will drive you insane.
i enjoy my week (still write everything down, even if its all naughty or good) and then review the result at the end, if i'v had a leaniant week and i gain , so what. we all know why, i know why.. and i'm at target + somthing still, so who cares.. you just follow it with a week of being a bit more carful, and drop whatever you gained the previous week.. thats what i do any ways. It makes me feel like iv made positive life changing healthy eating steps, because i can maintain within those 3 lbs either way, and still have lianiant weeks, and i know what to do when i need those couple of pounds back off... my aim is to not stay at 10 stone 1, it's to never have to pay again. because aslong as thats my target, i'l never have more than 3lbs to lose if i have any at all...



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:talk017: Congratulations! Have you been going to class? If so, then carry on going! We have 6 target members who come every week and they seem to remain well within their 6 pounds. You should be increasing your healthy extras, not your syns so that you stay on an even keel. Good luck! Stay with us and let us know how you're getting on! You could be our guru! for when WE get there!


I want to be fitter again
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OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH i love success stories like this It keeps me motivated. Absolutely brilliant. Fantastic and well done xx
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Well done Cornish Pisky, from a fellow Cornish girl!! That is brilliant news - you must be chuffed.

My advice... Well, to stay at target I have to stick to SW pretty strictly. They normally advise you to up your Healthy Extras, but I have had to keep them the same. You will have to find what works for you.

Like Fern, I still write everything down, and I try not to worry if my weight goes above target by a pound or two. I just have to have a few days of eating more Superfree meals and speed foods, and throw in a few more Red or Mix 2 Max days to lower my carb intake.

Generally I enjoy a mixture of days now to maintain, and I'm finding EE is really easy at the moment.

But anyway, don't worry too much about maintaining for a minute! Just enjoy your success!!!

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Well done to you. It must be an absolutely fantastic feeling. Success stories like yours keep the rest of us motivated.



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