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omg I'm back once again, but can I do it this time?


Hi its me again
Yes its me once again (think this is my 3rd/4th time sneaking back)

Goal - my nephews wedding at the end of May so would like to lose as much as possible so that I feel better in myself (and in my outfits!!!:eek:)

Hubby is hinting on going on holiday abroad this year and that sent shivers of panic through me (big blob on the beach)
so that is goal number 2.

So here I am again, busting out of my size 18 trousers and feeling like a slob (and looking like one)

Glugging away on the water, got my packs on the ready and the ketostix on standby;)

Please please mind and soul, let me have the strength to to this, just like when I did it the first time!!!
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Welcome Back Bindi:welcome2:

You did it before and you will do it again Bindi...just take it one day at a time, baby steps, baby steps:)

You have two very good goals to motivate you.


Must do it this time
welcome back bindi its my 3rd time on cd too.We know it can be done and that the results are fantastic once we stick to it.So its onwards and downwards for us.Best of luck and keep posting


Hi its me again
welcome back bindi its my 3rd time on cd too.We know it can be done and that the results are fantastic once we stick to it.So its onwards and downwards for us.Best of luck and keep posting
Thanks hunnie, would love a buddy on my journey..... oh and btw lovely piccie, if thats 1lb of fat, i'd fill a skip with the amount I need to lose:sigh:


Hi its me again
just did my bmi check on nhs and officially OBESE and at risk of high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer.......another reason to do it this time
Welcome bindi, am also a restarter on day 9, you can do it again, you have something to keep you focused... let's do this!
Hi Bindi,

Good luck on your restart, I'm starting yet again tomorrow! Cut down today so will hopefully be bit easier tomorrow!

This will be my 4th time, but have tried countless other times only to give up by the evening.

Determined this time, have booked a holiday 7 weeks time, want to lose 2st by then.

We can do this, one day at a time.

Ali xx


Hi its me again
Thanks guys. Nice to know I'm not alone. Day 1 over. Just need to get my water intake up. And all those constant trips to the loo, how I'd forgotten them. Roll on day 2
Hiya Bindi,

Course you can do it honey! remember how fab you looked when you got to target - get any old pictures out you had and stick them on the fridge girl!

Im on day one myself, so loads of luck to you! xx


Hi its me again
Hi folks

I restarted a couple of weeks ago and lost 5.4lbs on my first week. I never weighed myself the second week (which would have been on good friday) and to be honest the diet went to pot.

As I was using up my old packs before starting back with a cdc I made a decision to get myself back with a cdc and have found a new one very close to where I live.

So yesterday I officially signed back up and actually weighed in at about the same weight as I was after losing the initial 5.4lbs in week 1, so I am happy there.

So here it goes on day one, have a bit more focus now. I have a wedding next sunday so will probably be eating then but within reason but as its on sunday, I will have 5 days after to sort myself out.

I have another main wedding at the end of May which is my main focus point as I would like to feel better in my outfits but I do intend to enjoy the wedding too.

And like a good girl I've already downed a litre of water this morning and have got another litre ready for me to take into work with me to have at my break time.

So forward I go on a positive note!!!

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