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OMG - I'm struggling!

I've been doing fine but I feel like I've hit a brick wall and its only second week in.

I can only stomach the banana and strawberry shakes, the others taste vile. Also the soups, they taste so weird. My first week went well but I'm struggling so much.:wave_cry:

Not sure if its because its 'the time of the month' but I feel TOTALLY wiped out. I took our dog for a walk yesterday and 2hrs is the norm, I came back home and my finance thought I looked like I was dying! :eek:

Does anyone else feel like this at certain 'times of the month'? I lost it this morning and said I was giving up but I didn't, just cried instead :cry:

I've got to keep going to get into my wedding dress which I love and want to look good but I have never felt so ill since starting this diet - HELP!!!!!
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Awwwww.... big hugs huni!!

Don't give in!! You'll soon be able to have the bars and they're lovely and great for giving you back the chewing motion which can be missed the first couple of weeks. Have you tried the porridges? I find them lovely, the apple and cinnamon one's really tasty and also gives you something to 'eat'. It's nice and filling and feels like normal food.

You're doing so well and have done the hardest part which is firstly deciding to start CD and then getting through the first week.. You can do this!! x
I found the first couple of weeks really hard going. I'm assuming as you're 5'10 you're having four packs a day, personally if you're feeling absolutely ick I'd have an extra one that day or maybe think about moving up to a higher level plan for a week. It's really trial & error at the start to find a plan that works for you, especially if you're doing two hour dog walks! I'm shattered after walking to the post box most days. TOTM does make a difference to how you feel physically as well.

Sorry I can't offer much advice as it's not a problem I've had to deal with, but *hugs* to you and I hope you feel better soon. Have a nice hot bath or shower and an early night and see how you feel tomorrow. x


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Thought i would never cope, with the shakes, i only have banana tatra and chocolate tetra i like them so thats what i stick to, i try to see the shakes as a fuel rather than a food replacement, we all have off days, keep that dress in mind, good luck
Definitely keeping warm is a good idea during TOTM, at least it works for me .. I like to drink lots of herbal tea, especially green tea ^^


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you should rad one of my blogs that i wrote, i felt really weird, and just not myself.
it will pass though, may take a few days but it will pass.
Thanks everyone:D

I stuck to 100% yesterday but didn't walk the dog! Had a couple of headache tablets and went to bed.

Got up this morning in a better mood! Tried on my work trousers (which were snug last week) and they are baggy around the bum! :D But my boots on and they were slacker around my calf so I thought "get on with it girl, its working!"

Back on track!!! :gimi: Weigh in tomorrow, good times I hope!!
well done for sticking it and well done for getting a baggy bottom (welcome to the club!!)
It really can be hard, and the shakes can taste odd at first, but you can do different things with them that changes the taste... a warm shake (something that horrified me to begin with) tastes delicious and tastes totally diff to a cold one. You can also add a small amount of spice to the shakes and soups..
Also your tastes will change, I have tried ones that i hated that i now love and vice versa..
Keep up the good work, you will soon be seeing the weeks behind you and have some amazing losses to boast about!



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Glad you are feeling better today :D i think we have all had days like them, but you pulled through and stayed 100% well done hun x
Glad you are feeling better.
One thing I've found with the soups - is that I make them up with more than the 250ml water recommended. In fact I split them in two - shake half the sachet into a standard coffee mug (which is usually about 250ml) and make up almost to a full mug. I find them less 'gritty' / sludgy like this - and i get to "eat" twice for every sachet I have.

Glad your feeling better today. Whenever i am having a bad day i just think i will be ok tomorrow just got to get thro today.

Also when i have totm i sometimes add a extra shake a day so i am on 4 especially when i am really hungry. It much better to have the extra shake etc then have a wobble and eat anything else.

I am very fussy and only like the banana and choc shakes but the bars and mix-a-mousse (made with choc mint shake) from week 3 are soooo yummy and will def make things easier for you so hold on in there.

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