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OMG it was huge

i moved a spider from the bath the other day and it only had 1 big frnt leg!! i dunno where the toehr one was but i hope its not in a bag of pasta or rice of something:jelous:
The title of this post has really made me smile, and when i started to read it i laughed even harder.. until i got to the spider bit!

Thank you i needed to smile - and god i hate spiders, lucky my cats protect me, if they can be bothered that is
I'm not afraid of spiders but my 6'6" tall OH, and his 25 stone mate, scream like little girls if they see one. My OH likes to say "It was so big I could see its FACE!".

I am absolutely petrified of spiders! I used to hear them climbing on the wall paper in my bedroom when I was younger..I kid you not!
LOL classic topic title!!

I dont mind spiders but thats probably because I dont get them, or the cat gets them first Im not sure. I stayed at my parents the other week and there was a rather large spider in the bath. Now Im quite happy to scoop the spidy and take it outside unless Im half dressed and about to get in the shower so big bruv had to come to rescue making loads of comments about wusses lol
hi,im petrified of them !! my work colleague once hung a plastic one in "the boys toilet" once,wasnt until i was sitting on the loo saw it was in there for ages was scared to come out ! he got a clip round the earhole i hasten to add !!

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