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OMG! just bought a pair of....

Wow wow wow! I bet you're feeling great! Well done to you, how much more have you got to go? they might run out of sizes for you soon!


nearly there!! :)
wooooo well done u!!

the hole head thing is so weird...im back on food since xmass and still having such a hard time dealing with it at times! but then i look at pics of before and i think ok i def dont look like that any more.

ul get there hunni xxx


Enjoying life!
I haven't ever been a 6 in clothes or feet! lol

Well done hun that's great! xx


I Can Do This!
What an emotional ride you're having. COngratulations. Enjoy. Glad you moved to RTM now I'm sure.
yes i think it was time for RTM - i'm quite enjoying eating bits again, but still love my foodpacks more!

and i'm def not a 6 in other shops - they are formal triusers - no way would i fit in jeans that size.

i think i will be happy if i stabilise at a 8 -10

just wish all the saggy skin on my legs would go - my stomach i can handle as ive got 3 kids, and even swimming i can cover it up with a swimming cossie - but my thighs are horrible

oh well, i shouldn't complain - rather saggy than obese eh?
Yep, I agree

I would prefer not to have the flabby arms and wrinkly bits, but it's a whole
lot better than the obese beached whale look I had before when my skin probably thought it was stretched to bursting!


I Can Do This!
Yes, I'm happily enjoying the food packs and really not missing food much at all.

Hopefully your saggy skin will regain some elasticity over the coming months and look fab for next summer. xx

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
wow !!! 3 kids and a size 6 anything ???? wow !!!! you should be so proud of yourself hun xx


Gotta Make A Change
well done that is amazing

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