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OMG kit kat chunky caramel


Finding inspiration
Uh oh... you'll give yourself a taste for them if you're not careful! Mind you... when the Peanut Butter Kit Kat chunkys came out, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. I guess the thing to do is go syn free during the day and then, at night when you're not likely to go out again, sit down with a cup of tea and another Kit Kat Caramel, if you're desperate to have another one. And enjoy it. I used to do that years ago... in the evening, I'd save up calories (I was doing a different plan) and I'd walk to the shop and buy a Magnum ice cream. Then walk home and go up to my room and lay on my bed and just savour it slowly. It was such a treat, and as I'd planned for it, didn't hamper my weight loss in any way. Fab!


I can do this............
Ah no fair i cant seem to find them! But i have to say i have the same problem with Wispa gold they too are 13 syns! Too high for my liking!!
Well you're allowed it within your syns so no need to feel guilty! I sometimes will have a Mars bar or chunky kitkat if I've really been craving one. I usually save it for after WI but hey, it's 1 days worth of syns so nothing to feel bad about!

Andy R.

Time for a change
well i dont plan on having one everyday, and im gonna stay with in 14 syn for the day, oh and ive only had one healthy Ex B today, so i should be fine. BTW it was sooo tasty, shame it was over so quickly. maybe a wispa gold next week ;)
I have solved the chocolate problem I won't eat Nestle for ethical reasons, Mars changed the taste of their stuff so I only have to battle Cadbury's

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