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OMG No Porridge

S: 14st0lb C: 13st5lb G: 10st2lb Loss: 0st9lb(4.59%)
I saw my CDC yesterday and she has run out of porridge, its been my saviour and the only product that keeps me going.
She is unable to order more than 1 box each week which has to go around all her customers. what am I going to do now.
Why is it as soon as something works it gets ruined.
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Queen of the Damned
Sorry to hear this mate. Did she explain why she's only able to order one box per week?? :confused:
I have read on the net or maybe it was on here that it is really difficult to get and they cant make it quick enough which is why the packets dont even have pictures on i know my cdc always has enough in for two of us each week tho so i dont know about yours maybe it is where you live. I'm really sorry to here how stressed you are about it and i think i would be too. Sorry i cant be of any help. x
S: 14st6lb C: 11st11lb G: 11st2lb Loss: 2st9lb(18.32%)
mine was the same this week she sent some in the post when she got stock in so i feel for you x
S: 14st0lb C: 13st5lb G: 10st2lb Loss: 0st9lb(4.59%)
I was having a full box every week but now I cant. I dont know what I am going to do. Surely if she cant order it will apply to everyone.
S: 15st3lb C: 12st7lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 31 Loss: 2st10lb(17.84%)
You'd think she would have rationed it so that everyone got a few packs at least. This is worrying. Can't you go back later this week when she has more in?
S: 15st3lb C: 12st7lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 31 Loss: 2st10lb(17.84%)
Not yet, she is always fairly well stocked up, but I will let you know in the morning if there is a problem with the porridge supply.
S: 17st13lb C: 12st6lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 28.1 Loss: 5st7lb(30.68%)
My CDC just e-mailed me to say my order of 1 box of porridge had just arrived and she would drop it off tomorrow. So no problems in the Outer Hebrides, which is gret news for me. Sorry for you tho as I couldn't go without.


Serena's title didn't fit
S: 111kg C: 100.3kg G: 75kg BMI: 33.9 Loss: 10.7kg(9.64%)
My CDC recently had a few trays of tetra's arrive late (I'm from Holland so not exactly the same) but she felt SOOOO bad and said she'd contact me and mum asap when she got them in so she could drop them off.. etc.

Was your CDC cool with it? Like; oh, don't have em so eh.. what do u want? Or was she really sorry etc etc? I think that matters too.. I mean; if someone is really sorry and promises to get them to you asap.. that's something different than a CDC that doesn't care about your food and likes/dislikes etc... If you know what I mean.

Good luck hon, hope it gets sorted!!
xx Lostris
S: 14st0lb C: 13st5lb G: 10st2lb Loss: 0st9lb(4.59%)
She was really sorry, she knows how much I rely on the porridge.
I just spoke with her and she is going to keep putting her order in for the 6 boxes and hope the problem eases, she said she has just received her order for this week and only received one box instead of the 6 she ordered.Apparently its a problem with the manufacturer not being able to keep up with demand.
Any CDC's out there experiencing the same problem?


Serena's title didn't fit
S: 111kg C: 100.3kg G: 75kg BMI: 33.9 Loss: 10.7kg(9.64%)
Oh wow that's big.. :(

Well.. uh, bright side: she really cares and really is sorry!!
Downside: still not enough porridge... :s

Good luck!!!!!!!! xxx
my cdc had no porrige left over this week, said she was having trouble getting hold of it so i had shakes instead.


please try again
S: 23st6lb C: 17st7lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 44.8 Loss: 5st13lb(25.3%)
my cdc hasnt had the porridge for a few weeks, had a few supply problems
in fact i only bought 18 packs last week to see me through 2 weeks, good job ive 4 weeks worth of packs im not keen on in my cupboard
Bit confused with this. I ordered 12 boxes late Friday came today, have had at least 12 boxes per week since it launched.

It is back in and in the correct packs as well, they did run out of the foils to put the porridge in and had to use plain packs.

If there was a problem all CDC's would have received email notification but not received anything:confused:

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