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my new jeans arrived today and they fit!:D
they are a size 20 but i started off in a tight size 24.

i can't stop looking at my new shape.
looking good ;)

i know i still have a way to go but
for the first time in about 10 years i can see myself being slimmer and happier.

i'm finally starting to get back some of that tonnes of confidence that i lost while being married.

being bigger and so tall i always felt like ppl were looking at me for the wrong reasons.judging me for getting so big.
now they can look all they like because i know i'm looking better and i'm actually doing something about my weight and i'm only getting smaller:)

i put on my jeans,a new top,make up,jewellery and heels and felt great.
not worn heels in a while coz i'm about 6ft 3 in them but i'm going for it!
gonna be a supermodel before ya know it lol x

gotta thank everybody on here for the support you've given.it's nice being able to chat to ppl in the same situation.

as many ppl have said before,i honestly don't think i would have stuck it out this long without you all.

thank you so much:thankyou::bestwishes::0clapper:
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:party0023:YAY! Next sell size 20's, your choices are just opening up, girl!!! Wait till you walk by the skinny wenches in Bay Trading or Top Shop to go buy your jeans, give them the V sign from me :D

Well done you!!!!!!


Success leads to success
woop woop! Well done taff, no doubt you'll be looking like a supermodel straight off the catwalk very very soon! xx
fantastic! what a boost :)


Otherwise known as Jools
Yay good for you :D well done and keep it up - new supermodel on the block :D :D


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:banana dancer: wooooooo!!! well done :) great achievement! :D
Off the shelf

Hi again Tafflass

Congratulations on the continued success.
I can see you being mistaken for Bridgett Neilson soon.

Being male, I’ve always thought that you girls had the clothing situation pretty well covered. The range of sizes seems huge (if you forgive the pun).

Unless I went to one of the very few shops that cater for big guys the only thing I could buy were socks and gloves. Wonder if Big & Tall ever thought of starting a chain of shops for girls?

I’m really looking forward to being able to shop on the high street, not that I’m Mr Fashion.

Just got back from holiday in San Sebastian and I hope that next time I fly I will not have to ask for one of those extender straps for the seat belt. Another milestone to aim for.


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Well done tuffy I bet you look fab :) Your confidence is brilliant.
thanks everyone,you're great x

hope you enjoyed your hols.you'll be using the standard belt in no time :)

i tend not to shop for jeans in a shop.can't normaly get hold of ladies 36" inside legs.
get them online now.
must admit it was harder when i was bigger coz they seemed to stop at size 22.got more choice now so loving it.:D
Hi Tafflass

36” inside leg in heels!
The thought hurts………

What a nice treat to yourself the picture will be…

Have a look at the web site for a company called Venture Photography.
They take portraits but with a really funky view.

There is a branch at Swansea and I think I passed one in Cardiff. but that’s further away from you.

I miss South Wales. I was a regular visitor to your fair land whilst my son was at Uni there.

Good luck

cardiff is loads closer to me than swansea.
i'm from cardiff but moved to caerphilly 4 years ago.

will have a look at that company,cheers.
used to get the kids one done at olan mills til they went bust.
Yay! That's wonderful news! You're doing so well!!

I know what you mean, I'm only 5ft9, but all my friends are ludicrously little & when I'm in heels I feel like a drag queen wobbling above them. Heh.

omg!i always felt like a bloke in drag.especially with a dress on too.
maybe next time i'll shave my legs to combat that lol x
Hey Taffy!!


Aw hun I'm sooo chuffed for you! It must have been a fab feeling to have dropped 2 sizes! WOW! I bet you are feeling (and looking) fantastic.

Your confidence and happiness just shines through in your post- I'm delighted for you!!!

OH HELL YEAH!! Get those heels on and tower over everyone -let YOU be the one looking down on ppl! Look Out Naomi -Taff's coming to get ya! WOOP WOOP!

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