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irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Just think how good those killer 36" legs are starting to look. Good for you, what a boost for you.
Hi again Tafflass - there's nothing like getting into smaller clothes to give your self confidence a boost - let me know when your first runway debut is due!!

Just got back from holiday in San Sebastian and I hope that next time I fly I will not have to ask for one of those extender straps for the seat belt. Another milestone to aim for.
I sooooo know what you mean- it is always embarrasing especially when they bring you a bright orange one even though the seatbelts are black - it's almost like screaming "look at me, look at me i'm the fattie that can't fasten her seatbelt !" I'm going to spain in 6 weeks and i hope that i will be able to get away with not asking for one too.
i think that the shops may be finally accepting that us tall birds exist jane lol x

i'm so pleased today.went to catch up with mates i've not seen since starting LT and they were gobsmacked.
it was so nice to get compliments and for the first time ever i actually took them without making a joke about it.

was called "skinny" twice which i so laughed at coz i'm so far off that but i liked the fact they noticed as much as i do now.

great news on the jeans!!!
Twiiiiiiiiiiiiiit twoooooo!

You are a stunner sweetie. There will be no stopping you now! Watch out Welsh men! They'll not be able to resist you!

You're so lucky being so tall! It's all the rage! One one my Daughters is hitting 6ft. She is in so much demand. Her friends tell her they'd love to be her and she's a walking clothes horse.

I always wanted to be taller boo hoo.

You deserve every compliment you get sooooooo much. You're a beautiful person inside and out and that's a rarity :)

:queen: Inch Loss :worthy:
Oh yeah pleeeeeeeeeeeeease can we have some pics (for my nosiness)
aww thanks bets x

no chance on pics.i've not got any of me.avoided the camera like the plague!

maybe i should have some done soon to compare with when i'm finally nearer to where i wanna be.

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