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omg struggling already!


Taking the Scenic Route..
Hi I have started today also and am absolutely starving, shaking, have a headache and feel very sick lol.

I have just had a few slices of turkey as I wait for the kettle to boil for my soup im hoping that a little meat or the odd boiled egg wont hurt whilst im waiting for ketosis to kick in as once thats here i will be just great its the hunger that bothers me so once that goes im sure i will be in full control ! Does anybody know the best things to eat if you just have to have something when your struggling with the hunger in the first few days ?


Taking the Scenic Route..
Thanks Starlight and Julied...

I have the worst migraine ever! Just took 800mg of ibuprofen lol. I have just had a teeeny bit of diet coke, and feel a bit better.
Only have my soup left today now, going to try and have it as late as possible!
I know if i try "just having a few slices of turkey" i will binge lol so im trying to steer clear of that. I should imagine if you really must nibble something...make it protein and no carbs :) we can do it!

Thats my thinking with the turkey low carbs but do either of you know what is best, im having my soup in a min as the rest of the family (husband, 17yr daughter and 3yr son) are having tea so want to keep the family meal times going the same. I will then top up on the ibuprofen and have a bath to pass the time, im so determined to do this !!!!!!
good luck and stay strong xxx you sound like you have your head in the right place
Think Hour by Hour....or minute by minute.....your body will soon adapt.......Really good luck to you both:flowers:
I am Day 9 tomorrow......Saturday is always my weak day so it will be minute by minute for me too :eek:
Hi all after i had my soup last night i started to feel a lot better the really bad hunger pains went and i woke up this morning not hungry, i have just had the chocolate shakes but had it warm and it was delicious, headache slowly starting to subside, things are looking up, im also a addicted weigher so weigh myself around 20 times a day lol, i am trying to wean myself off to the recommended once a week but did it again before and have lost 3lbs since yesterday am so well happy !!
I have had some fish and then beef slices to ward off the hunger. I also start my shakes as late as I can in the day and try and have half a pack at a time, it makes it go further

I don't mind the strawberry shake butbif you don't like it try adding some decaf coffee powder. I found the strawberry isn't strong enoughbtobget thro and I get to have a white coffee yay!!

I really think that having some protein won't hurt and if it stops you giving up altogethr it's worth it.

I certainly routinely ate egg cheese and fish with some salad or greens throughout my last stab at vlcd and I lost an average of a stone a month
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Well i had the banana shake for lunch but again had it warm and it was also lovely im having the bar for tea and the hunger is a bit less today than yesterday so hoping tomorrow will be easier again... does anyone know how long it takes to get into ketosis xx
just try and do something else to take your mind off food.. im on day 2 and not started feeling hungry yet although i woke up with a really bad headache.. im just about to try my first thai chicken soup.. wish me luck..
Hi Ant im on day 2 also i had the thai chicken soup yesterday tea time it was nice, i have found the shakes so far choc and banana are absolutley lovely made with hot water instead of cold.
ive only had vanilla and strawberry shakes.. might try one warm tomorrow.. i found the soup tastes ok but its like the water from a pot noodle lol
hmmm....can't imagine what a warm shake would taste like :p apart from the chocolate one (isn't really very chocolatey though)
I find the strawberry one hard going :(
They are really nice i do it in a blender so they are frothy too makes me feel fuller than having a cold shake, have only had banana and choc so far though. On another note i have tested for ketosis this morning and it is a light pink colour which matches the 2/3rd square on the chart on the side of the jar the sticks come in..... does anyone know if this is good ?
Good luck everyone just starting. I'm just into my second week and have been finding it OK once I got past the first 5 days!

I have had one meal out, but apart from that have stuck to the plan completely and don't feel hungry.

I like all the packs but prefer the shakes to the soups. I just have them as they are but have added coffee to the vanilla one which was nice :D

Best of luck in getting through the first few days, once you are in ketosis you will feel so much better :)

Susan x

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