I ate my willpower!
Hi All

Just been to Tesco's to do the weekly shop and thought I would look to see if I could find an alterntive to Marigold Bullion (I had some last night and it was lovely) as Icemoose said that it contains lots of salt and is a nightmare for water rention. As it is TOTM next week - I thought I would avoid it. Anyways - I looked at every single bullion and stock cube and they ALL CONTAIN SUGAR :eek:

I couldn't believe it. Nearly every single variety of ham also has sugar added to it. And the Government wonder why we have an obesity problem! Everything has sugar added to it, which (in my opinion) cannot be good for your health. And no wonder kids have sweet tooths.
Marigold also do a reduced salt version AND an organic reduced salt version. Asda don't sell it but Tesco does.

Just in case this is of any use .... :)
I did look but mine doesn't stock it. It's only a small Tesco so might try the bigger one. Thanks for the tip!
Tell me about it, i have an intolerance to sugar among other things and i cant have anything really that is prepacked. Sugar in one form or another is in everything.