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OMG Tomato soup


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Ive tried the veg and the oriental chilli!! personally i find them absolutely disgusting :(( the oriental chilli has left a smell in the whole house..its awful, its on my fingers, in the blender and stuck to my favorite bowl!! :(
oh no, the tomato is really repeating on me, i really wanted to like it after all tomato is my favourite soup. gutted
You have to be really careful to make the tomato soup into a paste first with cold water and then add the hot and blend like mad or else it can taste really bitter.
i do the same as gg but i stir not blend. remember you can add thing to make it taste better like chilli or pepper.
I've typically found myself only liking the chocolate and mint chocolate shakes I take my hat off to the people who love all the products…the one and only time I made the soups I had a few sips and then gave the rest to the dog….who didn't like it either lol I've tried the bars too and found them yuk and I gave the chocolate tetra a try this week as I thought I was in for a treat OMG!…it was horrific haha everyone's different mind, that's just my opinion! :)
I really like the soups, the veg one is my least fav and the chilli my favourite.
Was going to suggest adding some chilli flakes to it to zing it up a bit. I was hoping for a real *tomato* flavour but cream of tomato it ain't :D
I've never understood why they put sweeteners in the tomato soup- it's far too sweet!
I have to blend all my shakes with ice it makes them taste a million times nicer!
lesson learnt defo. i will be living on strawberry tetras for 2 weeks now, then i may try the bars, fingers crossed they are ok

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