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Cruise PV OMG We've bought a tent! Any Dukan camping tips?

Yep, we have bought a tent and are going camping next week :eek:

I have NEVER been camping before so not really sure what to expect.... but I do want to stick to my diet so any tips for me?

Going for 2-3 nights depending on the weather. We have a 2 ring gas burner with a grill and a cool box with ice packs.
Will probably do mostly PV days as that should be easier for eating out.

Should be able to lots of long beach walks with the dog to counteract any naughtiness - but what would you recommend food wise?
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Eggs are good, as long as you can keep them where they can't smash.

Try freezing streaks, then popping them into a plastic bag of spices/herbs/matinade, sealing it, and it in the cool box just before you leave home. They'll defrost slowly, keep the cool box cool, and be ready to cook straight out of the bag.
Camping, Camping, Camping!!!!

Have a great time camping! I love camping. I am new to this forum so I am not a good one to ask about the foods to bring (still learning), but I can help with any camping questions. For eggs, there is actually an egg carrier you can buy specific to camping. If dried meats are allowed, I would bring some to snack on. Try it at home before you bring it along with you. Nothing worse than having to eat food you can not stomach

What kind of tent did you get?
take a bbq with you! I went camping a few weeks ago when I was still on cruise, we used the bbq every night. We also took a full coolbox as the campsite had freezing facilities for icepacks. During the day I ate my normal dukan foods, cottage cheese, sugar free jelly, fat free yoghurt.
Thanks - I like the steak idea.

Where do you get Biltong? Have seen it mentioned but never seen it in the shops and dont know what Im looking for.

I love BBQ - and really must do more before the summer goes.
We have a Hi-Gear Rock 5 from Go Outdoors - reduced from £250 to £100. We were looking for a cheap 3 man to try it out and ended up with this huge thing lol!

Keep the ideas coming!
I get my biltong from www.vandermerwebiltong.co.uk. The biltong is good, reasonably priced (for biltong which tends to be rather pricey), you can choose exactly how much fat you'd like on your biltong (choose lean) and if and how you'd like it sliced. Best of all all their biltong is posted free of charge, regardless how small your order. They're also pretty quick.
I have seen biltong at the big supermarkets too. It's quite easily available in London, there are a few South African shops there but some other shops also sell it due to it's growing popularity.
Try it though before you commit to a big order, it isn't to everybody's taste.

If you have a car you could invest in a coolbox powered via the cigar-lighter socket....
Camping galette tip.

I love my galette when I'm camping (I spend part of the summer renovating a stone shepherds hut in Northumberland that has no electricity or road access).

To cut down on stuff to carry I mix up the dry ingredients in a little bags before hand (- in my case oatbran, nutmeg, pinch of salt, tsp of spenda )

Then I can add the egg and greek yogurt (or milk at a pinch), and cook with a little less faff.
we used our fire pit to bbq, it has folding legs so didn't take up much space, after we'd bbq'd we chucked a fire log on it and it kept us warm until it was bedtime. I took my gallettes ready made and kept them in the cool box, then heated them in a dry pan on the stove in the morning
Tins of tuna, dried beef (biltong), eggs to take with you, buy some steak/chicken/fish when out and about and pack a frying pan (we also manage with a 2 ring gas stove and use BBQ facilities if they have them). We did tend to go shopping daily though so we didn't store too much. We have a cigar lighter coolbox which is great.

I made a few days' worth of Dukan bread to take too - it keeps well enough. Husband managed to make his porridge no problem too.


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(errr... I can think of nothing worse!!)
So glad I have discovered this thread :) I am off camping this weekend and I am only in my first week of Cruise so this has given me loads of ideas .. although camping trips normally involve copious amounts of wine too so the zero alcohol is gonna be the hardest part to stick too I think!
Thanks guys - lots of good stuff there. Our coolbox is one of those plug in ones - so should be ok to keep stuff chilled for a while. \Just need some sunshine now x

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