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OMG -- what i do my 1st moment of weakness...


Say it in Dr Evil style!!
Its my husbands birthday today we r going to celebrate it on the weekend due to his work etc......now u can just imagine what is coming up next he wants to go for a meal or a drink.!:mad::mad::mad::mad: what do i do ? do i break my diet????.....

thing is me and hubby separated long time ago now we dont live together and we have now decided to work things out so anytime that we get together is gotta be good babysitters for 4 children dont come around that often.... do i break diet just for one meal on the weekend???

i know it will set me back a week but the thought of missing out on some alone time with him is gutting this never ever happens i cant even remember the last time ever that i had a meal out with him alone without kids we are talking years now ..........
im so determined to do this diet but wud love a meal out with him HELP if you were in my suitation what would u do please be as honest as u can xxxx:cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:
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Can you choose somewhere to go that does something like a nice chicken/tuna salad and stick to fizzy water to drink?? If there's no-way of choosing something that's on the ss+ list then if it was me i'd steer clear as CD is difficult enough on its own. You've done the hardest part for it now and start so be a shame to give it up already! However, you could always restart again afterwards but they always say it's far harder the second time round.. Go with your gut instinct huni x
Jo you told me how much you wanted this!
A meal can wait! Yes you can put your efforts back a week, but then what if something else comes up?
I honestly will be honest with you, I told you, thats how I am!!!

If your husband really wants to work things out with you, then he MUST be prepared to accept you for who you are... the person you are at this time, is a person who has made the comittment to make big changes in her life.

Tell him what you are doing!
Ask him to go for a drink instead,,, Fizzy water is allowed on SS!!!
You can talk, make plans be romantic.. whatever!! You don't need to have food for any of those things!!

It seems to me that you are looking at this the wrong way.. ie a good time with him equates a meal!! This neednt be the case...
You are worth your own investment in yourself!!
It is sooooo hard to get back on the wagon Jo.... give it a chance!!

(hope I havent offended you by my bluntness)



Say it in Dr Evil style!!
tilly hun u could never offend me best thing about u is ur straight talking !!!.......and u have made me realise why do i need food to socailise with him i can go out for a fizzy water drink or cinema .....god damm !!

I have just told him now he has to support me in my choices but im the selfish one as we never get time to our selfs........wtf!!! god dam y am i doing this working things out malarky again!!


Team 1 all the way!
TillyFloss is right...you don't need to eat to have a good time.
Here's an idea... if you've got a babysitter, and you want some quality time, book a room in a hotel and spend some real quality time together! Will cost the same as 2 posh meals in a restaurant anyway!


Say it in Dr Evil style!!
oh well he stormed out saying u do ur stupid diet thing then and ill go out ..........oh well at least that ones now solved!

no one supports me on this diet .........only myself and u girls!

my last 2 days have been 100% and i want to be 100% for the next 12 weeks


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still got the baby-sitters?? then you can still go out!! :D

I went to the pub and was going to have soda water, but when I got there, I found that I'd drunk so much water i didn't want any drink AT ALL - It was Great.. a whole evening in the pub without even a glass in front of me.. it actually felt like I was valuing the company (and myself) more than usual, so felt like a compliment to them and me, rather than rude... Try it.. and if he doesn't want to go out with you, go out with your girlfriends! :D

hope it goes well for you.


"if hunger's not the problem, eating's not the solution" :)
Hmm, in my opinion you're probably best off without that kind of 'support', not that you can call it that! He's being selfish and you are better off without. If he cannot support you doing something like not eating crap for a while then what can he support you in doing?? Be strong hunni, at least you don't have that decision to make now as it's clearly been taken out of your hands.. Big hug! xx


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oh honey. sorry it turned out that way but everyone is right. if he values your company he'll realise he's been a pillock and come back and apologise. you can spend time with somebody without having to eat!!

in the past i have gone for low-carb options, and there may be some times during my journey that i have to do this this time around too, but it is so so so so hard to get back in the groove. it really knocks you off track. take it from me, i should have been at goal six months ago!!

you can do this. we'll support you in every way that we can :)

well done for your first two days and here's to there being many more. don't let anyone guilt trip you into failing!!

abz xx


Say it in Dr Evil style!!
thanks girls...i have woken up today thinkin..no way is he gunna make me break my diet even if it is one meal ....jojo power!!!!!


Absolutely Determined!
Hey Jo,

I can't agree enough with what has been said already. This is your time to shine my lovely. I understand your need to make things ok with hubby... but honestly, if he valued your opinion as much as you value his then he wouldn't even be asking this of you.
Decision time.. who's more important? :) xx


Say it in Dr Evil style!!
wont it just lisa xx


Trying to stay healthy!
thanks girls...i have woken up today thinkin..no way is he gunna make me break my diet even if it is one meal ....jojo power!!!!!
well done jo!! you are being so strong, it'll be worth it you'll see!

Aww hun! Im so proud you put yourself first and decided what is best for YOU!! He sounds like a coooock for how he reacted. Your health is the most important thing... he has already had 38568023 birthdays!!
You've definately made the right decision Jo!! Good on ya! And great news on waking up all filled with the positive attitude. You CAN do this and yes i agree with all the above comments, just imagine the day you can flaunt/strut your new sexy self in front of him... It's not a million miles away just remember that! Woohoo, here's to a new you! Good luck for the CD today x
well done jo!!!!!!! i am so proud of u!!!!! u have carried 4 of his children for gods sake!!!!!!!! who the hell does he think he is!!! he is just worried u are guna change and realise u dont need him - ian is the same - tryin 2 wind me up by talkin bout cooked dinner or kfc or why havent u made me brekkie!!!!???!!! - he can go take a running jump 4 all i care.

i agree with every1 else - how long have we wanted this jo???

got stay 100%

also its my birthday in a month - i wont b drinkin or eating - tell him 2 suck it up and deal with it!!!!!!!!!!


Going for Goal!
lol you poor things! My husband is my best supporter. He doesnt eat in front of me and always tells me i'm looking better, or commenting that my hair feels softer, ooh and that my skin is clearing up. Without him i would find cd really difficult.

I hope that soon your hubby's willl notice the positive changes and can enjoy them with you x x x
I'm sorry he threw his dummy out of the pram Jo he must feel quite theatened now that you are feeling so empowered.
The thing is everything happens for a reason and if he can't accept you now, how will he cope when you are a slim confident young mum?
Having met you, I know how strong you are... Keep your motivations in your head.. if you have got through this, you can get through anything!!!
I can't wait for your 1st weigh in!!


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