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Well thats really good then, How did you find it? I have stopped going to the classes now as I didnt like the leader but I am dertimened to do it myself 100% x


chunky chick :-)
i just googled uk points calculator and it was the first one to come up! what one will i use, i dont want to under point either :-(
We could do it together and encourage each other along the way if you wanted to. Seems we have the same amount to lose and stuff. I am bridesmaid for my dads wedding in October so thats why that is my goal. Do you do any excercise? thats my problemo x


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my bf downloaded the uk version for me the other day so its always on my desktop now, which is handy. Its really accurate too, i tested it you see!:D on a weight watchers meal which already has the points value on the box and I put in the cals and sat fat for the meal and the points came up the same!! Who needs meetings!! haha:p
The correct one is the UK one, not calculator.net and i just checked with my points calculator and my weight watchers points finder book that your dinner will be 5.5 points :)


Hope this helps


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Do the americans not use calories and fibre as opposed to calories and sat fat. I too used the america calculator when doing ww a few years back lol
No see the Americans would sprinkle over fibre powder on their dinner making it lower in points but at the end of the day they were only cheating themselves out ! LOL

Oh nightmare!!! Funny a kind lady on here e mailed ww recipes a while back, they were american and I suspected at the time the points weren't right so didn't use them - that must be why!!!


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Where can you get the UK one please?

I have been 'making do' with a points chart thing my friend got at her WW meeting last year but a calculator would be loads easier!

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