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Just been in my friends car, she had bought a Gingsters ham and mushroom pastie.... mmmmm looked nice... but wasn't tempted, I thought i'd have a look at the back to see how many callories were in it ( i'm callorie counting mad at mo lol) to my shock i found out there were 456 calories in the pastie, i told my friend , and although she is not dieting she said f**k that and threw the pie into the back of her car, she said she was only gonna have it as a snack as well. One thing SS has got me focussed on is callorie intake, which for me is a good thing as before i would never look, and would have had on of those for a snack as well.... OMG how i have changed and all for the better lol... here's to the new callorie counting me.... although all my friends may get a bit anoyed if i keep pointing these things out lol!!:8855:
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It's shocking when you actually look isn't it! Me and my housemate went to Maccy D's the other day (my water was great :S) and she had a big tasty and chips and the total fat content for the meal was 110% of your daily fat intake. In one meal. that didn't look that appetizing! we couldn't believe it! I think i will be keeping an eye on the calories i consume but not to obsessively, a little bit of what you fancy and all that but definitely steer clear of that kind of 'snack' as tempting as they may be!

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