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I usually wear a size 12 but when I went shopping the other day they only had sizes 10 and 14 left, so I tried the 10 and it fitted perfectly! I then went and bought a size 12 from another shop which fitted really well but it turned out it was on the wrong hanger and was a 10 as well!
I'm really happy with the result.

What would you say is your dream dress size? Baring in mind all shops vary. :)
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Brilliant news! Well done. I'm male so dresses aren't my things (apart from Friday nights!)
I would like to be a 10-12, but we shall see when I get down to target :) I am currently 14-16, depending on the clothes, and where i shop
I'd like to be an 'official' 10 - if that exists?! I've been a 12 for the past year (heaviest of my life) but now I've managed to put on a size 10 in most shops but some and still a bit tight in certain places. I am a Jane Norman size 10 (and if anyone shops there you know how stingey on material they can be!!) in certain items - not sure about everything though. I guess I want to be an 8/10 so a 10 will always fit :)

Fantastic UK-D! What a lush surprise! I'm currently about 9lb from goal (which is 9st 7lb) and I'm a tight 12. I know I look best in a 12 else I lose all my curves, so i guess a very comfortable 12 is my ideal size :)

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oh well done!!! i went shopping last week and tried on 14 but ended up needing a 10:) im so used to buying size 16 that i feel embarrased going into changing room with anything smaller in case the assistants are thinking 'watch your one trying to squeeze into that' lol.when i started ww my goal was to be comfy in size 14 and i'm 6lbs from goal and clothes are 10-12:D


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I would love to be a 12 but realistically i don't think that will ever happen :confused: but i would be very happy with a size 14-16 ;)


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I would love to be a 12 but realistically i don't think that will ever happen :confused: but i would be very happy with a size 14-16 ;)
Me too. :)

I've lost nearly 3 stone but my boobs haven't shrunk any in the cupsize. I've gone from a 42 to a 38 but my boobs are never going to be small so I can't reasonably imagine I'll ever be less than a 14 unless the chest takes a sudden shrink! ;)
I can't for the life of me seem to get into a size 10. I'm at goal and I've toned up quite a lot due to a lot of exercise, and a lot of my size 12s are quite big, but every time I try on a size 10 (particularly in jeans) it all goes horribly wrong!!

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