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I am such a failure!!! I can't believe it.
Ok, so last night, i went to my friends thinking i could do with the company. But they were having chinese!!! :drool:BIG MISTAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, so i was a complete idiot and had some chow mein, and now i fell like a complete failure. And the worst bit is it wasn't even worth it once i had eaten it!!! :cry:

I am so disappointed in myself, even more because i am only on day 3 now. I feel a fraud as everyone here does so well. :sign0007:
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Thanks spooky. I needed that i think!!! I am just so upset that i did it. I am already drinking loads of water so i really hope that helps get rid of all those nasty toxins!!!! I think its just worse as im so early into it and i am struggling!!!


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You're not a failure, this diet is really hard.

Start again today and forget about what happened.

Remeber how this has made you feel!


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you can do it , so it was a little slip up todays a new day ,
im havin my 2nd coffee now (great lol) and had 2 pints of water already as can smell the chicken my mums cookin for everyones sunday roast today .
but ill sit in another room when they all eat and have a shake (lol) and look at all the pics on here that will help ,
we CAN do this x x
Thank you all so much. I am really trying and also like you said, i am just going to remember how it was and the fact that it wasn't even tht great once i had eaten it, and also how it is making me feel today!!!

I CAN DO THIS!!! Thank you x
Dont worry about it, its the past, you are not a failure, your still here and getting back on the diet, that shows great commitment

This is a difficult diet, and its not easy especially in the first week, it was only a blipp and you will still be down this week
don't worry hun, most (if not all) of us have slipped up you'll get back to it and be glad you did when the lbs are falling off, just drink loads of water and you'll be fine! milly x


has started again!!
How are you today? You are do not a failure. There must be very few of us who do not slip up from time to time. After all, if we were perfect we wouldn't be here, would we?? ;) LOL!!

Keep going & you will be feeling great very soon!
Hey. just been at work today and so it wasnt too bad so literally only just having my 2nd shake-lunch. i am feeling much better today though still have a major headache. Although am positive as weighed myself this morning and have lost 5 lbs!!!! And im only on day 4!! I dont wanna get too excited though as my scales may be different to my CDC's.


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I succumbed to a hotdog at Legoland at the weekend. Completely mad & I know I should just have eaten the sausage & not the bun.

But I washed it down with plenty of water & didn't eat anything else all day (I'm on AAM so would normally have had dinner). And this morning I find that not only have I continued to lose weight but didn't even drop out of ketosis.

I don't intend to make a habit of this, but just to let you know that one slip up doesn't have to spell the end of the diet. unless you let it of course.....

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