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Hi all, have not followed the plan at all this week not sure why but just lost the thread i think, anyway went to WI last night and have gained........4.5 lbs. I am absolutely gutted although not surprised, so today i have started 100% (Again!!!! LOL). Also have decided to but nysekf a lateral thigh trainer, my friend has one and she is getting fab results, anyone tried one? I really think that i need to do the excercise as well, what with already losing 5 st with LL i need to boost my exercise levels i think.

Anyway heres to a great green day!!!!!

Good luck with your plans one and all and hope to chat to you all soon.

Lots of love Sadie X
Morning morning!

Remember that the majority of that is glycogen and water and not actually fat so just be good this week and that 4 pounds will be gone before this time next week.


Dont panic!! At least you know it's because you hadnt followed the programme!!

Get back into it and you'll soon lose those 4 1/2 lbs. Do you write everything you eat down? I have started doing this to keep me focused - i'm hoping it'll become second nature to do the plan but at the moment i need all the help i can!!

Good luck. :)
Hia Busybee,

I got an LTT from Ebay and use it for 10 mins three times a week. It sits behind a chair in the lounge and is unobtrusive and quiet when used. It is great when space is an issue, and it's easy to incorporate into a routine.

Sorry to hear about your gain, but at least you know you weren't dieting. If you were then I bet you'd be gutted!

I'm about to look at LTT too now you've mentioned them!

Have a good week!