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On a journey of Transformation

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by VITFA, 20 October 2011 Social URL.

  1. VITFA

    VITFA Full Member

    slimming world
    Hey ladies ( and gents if they read) i wanted to start a diary to try and get myself back on track, movitated and for general support. Im a lurker in so many diary and have found lots of inspiration and ideas through them.

    The main reason for the diary and the title is that im 18 weeks pregnant and having previously been so close to target im struggling with the weight gain, the cravings and the general bad eating.

    I have promised myself from now on ill try and eat healthier to prove to myself that the last 10weeks of eating rubbish is not a result in going back to how i used to eat, I was a binger, when i was sad i hate for comfort and when i was happy i would eat to reward myself. I want to prove to myself that i can still food optomise and be happy and healthy through this pregnancy.

    If you are still with me this was my stats prior to being pregnant. I got to 10.7stone.
    But on my wedding day (9weeks pregnant) i was a size 10/12. 10stone 10lbs, 5, 6.5'.
    My target is 10stone 4lbs and im a bridesmaid at my friends wedding in October 2012 and i would love to be back to the old lynsey by then.

    So the journey of transformation started way back in 2008 and it will continue in 2012

    Hope you all follow my journey and chip in if you like

    L xxx
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  3. VITFA

    VITFA Full Member

    slimming world
    Feeling positive again today - waiting on my tesco shop being delivered with all my healthy yummy food. Mr Tesco man has 53 mins and counting.

    Did 3 1/2 miles walk yesterday and book in for a pre natal yoga session on tuesday, also going to start clearing the nursery room over the next few days so plently body magic here,

    Its freezing up here just now and ive had my heating on ? Does anyone struggling in the winter, i tend to do slightly better ( going by last few years) and i love comfort sw food

    L xx
  4. VITFA

    VITFA Full Member

    slimming world
    A little update from me - Weekend was ok - had a little sweetie mixture bag at a evening wedding reception but apart from that i did well.

    Had to visit triage at our local maternity hospital and diagnosed with a nasty UTI - feeling yucky today so not eating as much as i should - dad made me a pot of homemade soup though so having that.

    I feel much more healthier this week and did feel like had more energy. I have my yoga class tommorow night so looking forward to that

    L xx
  5. VITFA

    VITFA Full Member

    slimming world
    Weight update - So i lost 2lbs woohoo - im now back to only gaining 12.5lbs so far ( 19weeks)
  6. VITFA

    VITFA Full Member

    slimming world
    Ive been naughty and not updated this in ages.

    I now only have 10weeks left until my baby girl is here and after a very indulget xmas and NY - im hoping to give my all to this plan

    It hasnt been easy - i know SW isnt a diet but when you're craving things you would never and have never eaten it can become complex.

    I have put on to this stage (30 weeks) - 31lbs - eekkkk - it feels huge just writting it - although everyone keeps saying i look like im still ok i feel like a huge elephant and cannot wait to fit into my normal clothes again

    Most of my maternity clothes are between a 12/14 but i would love to be the myself again

    Anyhow i started back class on monday and day 3 things are going well. I kinds went of the texture of fruit and yogurt but now seem to be craving it and choccy cravings are at a minimum

    If your reading feel free to comments - its lonely on maternity leave lol

    L xx
  7. VITFA

    VITFA Full Member

    slimming world
    Day 5 - off being back on plan - i felt great until today - its a bad one today not food wise but emotionally - sent home from work - 30 weeks and defo feeling the effect both physically and emotionally - today i dont have the strength or motivation to do anything

    Ive had a good week food wise and im proud of myself but i keep thinking can i get my old body back once my baby is here - i want her to have a slim healthy mama.

    Im going to start posting more often as i feel it helps writing down.

    So food wise today

    BFAST - Weetabix(hexb) + 150mls skimmed milk from Hex A allowance, fibre bar 6syns
    SNACK - Fibre bar ( hex b - are allowed 1 hex extra when on plan and pregnant - have checked with both SW head office and my consultant), cup of tea ( from allowance), grapes, strawberries, blueberries and blackeberrys ( yummy). mullerlight
    Lunch - Homemade bacon, potato and leek soup ( scrummy) had a huge bowl. Yogurt(mullerlight), banana, cup of tea (milk from allowance)
    Dinner - We are having spicy bean lasagne tonight with turkey and roast potatos which im looking forward too..

    Gosh writting all the food down ive eaten tons today
  8. Sarahewoods

    Sarahewoods Member

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    Hey you, how are you? saw the name and thought "I know you" hope your pregnancy is going well. Take care xx
  9. VITFA

    VITFA Full Member

    slimming world
    Im back -

    After having my daugther 7 months ago - i have struggled to lose the rest of my weight gain during pregnancy. I went back to class when E was 3 weeks old but i just cant get my mind into it.

    Im hoping by documenting my journey it will keep me on the right path,

    I lost 2 stone from hospital to home and then another stone back at class but im struggling with the rest

    The last two weeks have been difficult with health issues in our family and i have been eating alot of takeaways -

    So i need to get back into old habits

    L xxx
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