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On a Roll!!

Andy R.

Time for a change
Good morning everyone, I havent been around as much as i used to be i often snoop around reading the odd thread and getting Recipe ideas. But i just read Laddiesboy's thread about his man of the year win and newspaper article. Wow i was so blown away, sucha utterly fantastic acheivement. Reading from another guys perspective really helps me to relate to it, and how ive been feeling myself.
I'll try not to rammble on too much but my life has completely changed since i started going to slimming world, Like beyond what i thought was possible!
I'm now 2.5 pounds off target and ive never felt better then any stage in my life. Ive lost weight in the past following other diets and such, like im sure most people have, but something about SW just clicked with me, and i found an amazing group and a great consultant that all had a profound effect on me. I also realised that just losing the weight wasnt the answer, i took a look at myself in the mirror and decided if i dont change my ways now, all the weight loss would be for nothing. I strived to be better as a whole. Made a bunch of new friends, many from my SW group. Took up activites, walking, running, dancing, I guess i kinda through myself into everything, but it worked.
But besides the weight, My other problem was my own self confidence! i believed i didnt deserve better. This took some serious soul searching. But im emerging from it all a completely different person. I learnt how to feel proud about who i am and what ive acheived. Im Just so full of positivity and love theses days and long may it continue. Sorry if its put anyone off their breakfast but i was compelled to write after what id read.
Hope everyone has a great day
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Wow Andy! That is so amazingly positive. I hope everything works out as you hope. And why shouldn't it? :D


Slow but sure....
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It's great to see you posting Andy, and congratulations, you are almost on target now, that's fantastic.

Wishing you good luck in moving those last couple of lbs, you take care now, and come back soon.

captain nemo

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well done buddy


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Well done... and very inspirational to read...

Andy R.

Time for a change
Glad u all enjoyed it, i'll try and hang around here abit more often. This place really helped me in the beginning. Everyone has always been so encouraging on here. I just love hearing success stories, i think we all have one in the end :)


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Well done Andy on your weight loss and thank you for your very inspirational post:happy096:
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wow, so amazing to see all these peeps on here who have come so far. i've got about 4 and a half stone to be pre-preg weight and was starting to think that its not gonna happen. but recently something has clicked into place and now i know its gonna happen. and with a 5lb loss this week i am buzzing. hope you get to target soon, you should be very proud of yourself x


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Well done Andy on your weight loss and well done on turning your life around, you've achieved a great deal and should be proud of yourself. :D


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Well done, its really inspiring to read success stories like this.

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