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on day 6!!!

Hi everyone, have got thru the tough bit and am now on day 6! can hardly believe it as have tried mrp diets a few times and never got thru 1 day (apart from first attempt at cd and lasted 10 days), something has definately clicked and really think I will lose it this time!
Am using avidlite and *Snip* diet products, just cos they're cheapest, I really like most things I have tried :D Having a small meal too and also technically cheating as still having milk in coffee but oh well, am doing it my way and no coffee means quitting, dont care if it slows weight loss a little (would only be a little too I'm sure:rolleyes:)
Just thought I would come on and have a log of my progress and see how everyone else is doing?? Will weigh myself Monday morn and post back how much I have lost!! pls let me know how u are all finding it and what diets ur on xx:D
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Hi Ive just started Asda measure up on wednesday. Im a coffee drinker also and haven't given it up lol like you said no coffee would be a deal breaker I have tried to cut back tho so shouldnt make much difference.

Weighed myself yesterday after 2 days (silly I know!) and have lost 2 and a half pounds, which Im happy with but I must stop hopping on the scales every 2 seconds lol ;)

Am only gonna weigh once a week now so will weigh nxt weds and hopefully will have lost some
Hiya, haven't heard of the asda one, does it taste nice? prob not as many flavours to choose from as online ones but bet its tonnes cheaper! hmmm might look into it, bought 3wks worth so am ok for a while lol.

I am usually on scales a lot too but always use it as an excuse to quit! ..well I've lost 3lb in 2 days so a biscuit wont hurt or I've only lost 3lb when been starving, stuff it I'm eatin biscuits lol cant wait to weigh monday tho, hope i have lost at least 7lb.

Do u have a meal on asda one? I have had boiled eggs and leaf salad for lunch, couldnt do it without eating something proper!
I have to admit there isn't that many flavours yet only choc, strawberry and vanilla but Im quite happy with that as I like them all! Its one where u just add water and if u give it a blitz in the blender its still thick and frothy just taste like a normal milkshake :)

Def cheaper than most brands its £4:00GBP for a tub which does about 9 shakes so if ur doing one shake a day=one tub 2 shakes a day=just less than 2 tubs

You can do it 2 ways either
shake for breakfast
Shake for lunch


Shake for breakfast
snack (100cals)
Meal replacement bar for lunch

Im doing 2 shakes a day as I find it easier and for one of my snacks I usually have a bag of quavers(only 88cals) so feel like a get a little junk food fix lol but its still in my limit sofar its working well for me.

Hope u get ur weight loss, but I think its prob better not to have a target weight loss even if u lost 4 or 5 or 6lbs it still great loss even 1lb a wk over a year is over 3 and a half stone, as long as ur losing something ur making progress. If u make targets ur gonna be dissapointed if u dnt hit them even tho u have still had a good loss
Yh ur right any loss is a loss, would be happy with 5-6lb but really wanting 7lb seeings its first wk and will lose some water too, wont give up if I dont lose it tho.
Asda one works out to be a bargain then!! cheaper than food even, mines costing about £32 a wk which I thought was good as cambridge was abt £40-45. Its great that you can have a bag of quavers each day too, I wouldnt be able to do that as I find if I have crisps or choc it makes me hungry and I feel like quitting, have been having 2 shakes a bar and a meal of tuna/chicken salad..doing ok so far so dont wanna rock the boat changing anything! will weigh in morning, really hope I'm not disappointed..cheating a bit with milk and drinking diet coke. Bet you have weighed again havent u? lol
U are small anyway, wish my bmi was 26!
Your right I couldn't resist! weighed again last night! lol was a bit nervous 'cuz I usually weigh first thing in the morning when Im nice and empty (and they say you should weigh at roughly the same time every day for accurate results) have lost a total of 4lbs since since weds which Im really pleased with! :)

Oh yes there is quite a difference in price with all the major brands which is what first attracted me to this MRP I cant afford to spend alot but like u say this one is even cheaper than food so thats another motivation! lol

I know Im not huge but I am over weight for my height and I am a funny shape I am quite small in general accept my stomach and hips which are vastly out of proportion with the rest of me, my friends daughter asked if I was having a baby!! OUCH! I really just want an even body shape and a healthy BMI and for my height its 9st11 and BMI of 22
4lb since wed is really good esp as u dont have much to lose, how long u thinking of stayin on mrp? i was only planning on doin it for a month, just as a kick start and then join ww/sw, think afta a month I will be desperate for normal meals, hoping that a month of not eatin gets rid of some of the cravings for choc and I can reduce portion sizes etc.. have to be careful cos my daughter whos 3 1/2 already asks why I am not eating lunch with her etc.

Kids just say it like it is dont they pmsl, my kids have told me my tummy is massive and my son once said i was like a bouncy castle!!!
I will prob stay on it til I lose the remaining 23lbs as I still have a meal on mine so not missing food too much and once I hit my target Im gonna have to gradually "re-feed" over prob 2-3 months (dnt wanna pile it all back on!)

Oh yes kids r brutally honest alright! lol I dnt blame her like u said they just say it as they see it but it was a big wake up call for me to hear some1 else say out loud what I'd been thinking about myself for a while. My daughter is 7 and I dnt want her to have the same body and health issue's as me I want her to have a healthy, happy confident mummy to model herself on :)
re-feed takes 2-3mths?! didnt know that, I'm not following a plan am makin it up as i go along so i thought i would just add foods in over a cpl wks till start eatin healthy normal meals, didnt realise i should do it ova 2-3mths!!
girls take in what ur doing dont they, funny how both mine have been drinking loads of milkshakes this wk... thats why i dont wanna stay on for too long and make sure i eat chicken salad or summit in front of them!
I dnt think its normally that long its just something Im choosing to do, If I work that hard and get to my target I wanna ease bk into normal eating gradually as I dnt wanna put weight bk on and Im a little nervous that I will go bk to my normal bad habits so thought If I address one meal at a time and give my body a chance to adjust to that by the time Im finished I will be fully in control and able to maintain my weight

Just think a future with no dieting OMG lol will be a major accomplishment if I do it! ;)
lol, i cant imagine a future without dieting! have been on and off for as long as i remember! maybe if i hadnt started a diet i would still be size 8 lol.

might have to think a bit more abt whether i want to stay on mrp till lost all weight or really just for a month, think I have only stuck to it so far as i know its only a month..worried about saggy skin if lose too much too fast! cant believe i havent quit yet, am at work and girls have had kfc whilst i ate a mrp bar.. kfc smelt soooo good tho!

countin down the hrs till weigh in tomorrow, so excited to find out what i've lost!
Mmmmm KFC does sound good :( But we dnt need it! Every time I get a craving a just put my goal weight into google images so I can see what my ideal will look like and imagine myself that way

I have spent a lifetime on a diet too but never have I seen the results like now and I think thats why I was quickly loosing motivation although I dnt expect to see results over night just losing instead of staying the same when Ive busted my hump all week is so encouraging

I know what u mean about saggy skin im a bit nervous bout that aswell, Im hoping it wnt be too bad and Im doing yoga every wk day morning and 50 sit ups a day to tone up
Hiya, situps are a good idea, will have to start doing some and maybe pilates or some other stretching and toning as well..well have weighed and have lost 6 1/2lb! not far off the 8lb I was hoping for, should have known it would be less than last time because I have been having a meal and milk in day too, may try cutting those out and just having the 3 shakes and water like ur meant to lol, see how I go today!
6 and a half is brill well done!!
hey, 6 1/2lb was great but i cheated last night!! made hubby a mince and potato pie, with homemade all butter pastry, plus chips n gravy...i couldnt resist!! only had a bit but then had bakewell tart and bit of easter egg too, bake on the shakes today but...its pancake day and i want one!! family meal on thursday too..dunno what to do lol
Have u stuck to it? u weighed? x
I have stuck to it so far but there was a touch and go moment earlier when my family had battered sausage, chips and curry sauce from the chippy but I stayed strong (just! lol) haven't had official weigh in yet thats 2moro morning but Im still -4lbs when I weighed today so I imagine I will stay at that it aint gonna change too much overnight but Im happy with that anyway cuz my weight will prob come off quite slowly couple lbs at a time since I haven't got huge amounts to lose but thats okay :) slow and steady wins the race!

One slip ups not gonna kill you, your only human we all make mistakes. Just think of it as a setback not a failure u can still come back from it, might just mean u will have slightly less loss this wk but as long as u stay bk on it should stil have loss. Dnt be to hard on urself we have all been there :)

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