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On my way to a size 0

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Hi all. A lovely Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!!

As the Christmas season is nearly over we can see more and more threads popping up with people determining to get back into CD (and into shape) for a fab 2010. I felt so excited reading about these resolutions that I've also decided to make a little plan of my own.

As you might have read from my previous posts I followed CD for 5 months in the spring and summer of 09 and went down from a huge size 12 to a tiny size 4. I have very fortunately been able to stabilize at this weight for almost half a year EATING ANYTHING I WAN TED. However now even at size 4 I feel inadequate, for 2 reasons really:
- Firstly down here in the Paris of the Orient EVERY girls is a size 4 so my skinny frame is nothing special, and I aim to be special not just ordinary. Afterall a Shanghainese girl's life is all about dressing up and I want to fit in to even skinnier jeans;
- I was inspired by what my role model (for look and fashion at least) Kate Moss said few weeks ago in a radio interview, that "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels". I know I know she got a lot of backlash for saying it but that has always been one of my life mottos as well and being reminded by her just spurred me on to finnaly achieve my supermodel look although I'm nowhere as tall as Kate.

So I've decided to give CD another 1 to 2 months to achieve my life long dream.

I know some of you may criticize me for advocating what some may think as a eating disorder but if you have no problem with me setting such a low target please sometime come and cheer me up at those occasional low moments.

Thanks for reading and wishing all of you fab weight loss in the coming year too.

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Good morning Kathryn i thout id reply back to you firstly i did laugh out loud from reading." went down from a HUGE size 12" hahahaha im a lovely small slim size 12 now from a size 16-18.

Please be careful won't you and are you doing CD by ureself? or have u a CDC? i hope you are getting support.

Good luck x
Hi Shanny,

Lovely to hear from you. Me think everything is relative. I was a size 4 all my youth so when I gained 60lb in 2 years due to taking anti-depressants it was a huge shock to me.

I don't have a CDC. I just order my stuff from the CD Asian head quarter in Singapore. Down here they don't make you follow strict rules such as "People with BMI of 25 and below can not do SS". So as long as I can pay I just do it.

Half way through day 1 and I'm hungry but don't have the usual head-ache and other carb-withdrawal signs.

Congratulation to you Shanny on your lovely figure.



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Huge 12? It sounds as though maybe you need to work on your relationship with food.
You shouldn't even be on CD as your BMI is below 20.


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Guess that makes me 'huge' then.....sorry but i find your post insulting and pro ana.


Lovin it !!! :)
This has to be a joke right ?


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Hellloooo again your BMI is 17.7 that is low isnt it how much weight are wanting to loose???

And you are you using CD as a diet do u not have other diets u could follow such as weight watchers? i love weight watchers all about food/position control of foods?

Yes i love my new figure now (that's a size 12 by the way) lol lol i love wearing fitted short dresses now and even over christmas i have stayed the same weight so shocked and i give thanx to CD really reminding myself that i dont need to be silly with rubbish foods ever again.

Did u say you are a model?? im not being horrible to you at all but im sure you are not ment to be on CD you know.
Plus i reckon this post maybe removed too.


Lovin it !!! :)
Im sure a admin/mod person will be along soon Shanny !

The Rose

Im afraid I have to agree with dreamingmaid, you appear to have an eating disorder if at 7st in weight you feel that you somehow NEED to carry on losing weight. You sound like a reasonably intelligent lady and I therefore cannot comprehend why you would even consider losing more weight.

This is a weight loss support forum for those people, like myself, who really do need to lose weight and need the support of the members on here. However, it strikes me that you need the support of a different type of counsellor to help you understand that you are just perfect the way you are right now.

I personnally cannot support anyone on here who I feel is doing themselves untold damage by starving themselves to death.

I hope that you get the help and support you need and wish you lots of luck


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I hope so fitz because i can laugh at the fact that a SIZE 12 IS HUGGEEEE!!

but suppose other people will not. Right im a fatty again lol lol xxx


The Diet Guy
Good Morning All :)

I am going to close this thread now just to be safe and sure we don't get any disagreements so close to the New Year ;-)

Just to confirm that Minimins is all about dieting and weight support but also the ethos is safe, manageable and maintainable weight loss.

If anyone needs any medical support or advice in terms of what is the correct BMI for them then they should consult their doctor.

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