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  1. Hello_kitty

    Hello_kitty New Member

    So this is my first day of Cambridge, I am hungry, I had the porridge and found it tasted pretty disgusting. :) But I managed to eat it. I live alone and yesterday I made sure all the food is gone. I gave my mother my debit card and I have no cash anywhere. I basically have no choice than to continue. I feel for the mothers on here who have to even cook for their family!! That's so much more difficult, deeply respect for the mom's!

    Some more info; I am 257 lb.. and 5.4 feet. , if I converted that correctly. :D

    Thank you for reading.
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  3. Babykk

    Babykk Member

    Hello_kitty I started the diet yesterday and it was hard yesterday today a little I mean tiny bit better I'm trying to think of ways to distract my self I agree with you the porridge is horrible I think I'm going to stick with the shakes
  4. Hello_kitty

    Hello_kitty New Member

    oh that is great, so we started on the same day. I hope we can support eachother a little bit. Keep on going!! In a few days you will get used to it, its just these few first days is quite horrible. But it will get a lot better. I have HUGE headache and very hungry meh.. but we ll just have to have patience.

    Have you tried the soup before? Ive done this diet in the past already so i know what i like and dont like. I only never tried the porridge until yesterday. Have you tried a soup already ? I like the chili one with lots of tabasco.
  5. Babykk

    Babykk Member

    Uh I had a headache yesterday took paracetamol and drank loads it did subside. I did try the chicken and mushroom soup by putting it in the blender it was awful so I tried the oriental chilli and it was so yummy I used a different method I poured the sachet into a cup and put some cool water and mixed it into a paste then added boiling water mixed again and put in the microwave it was nice and thick and I found it filling too!!!!! I think I'm gonna try the chicken again using this method haven't tried the others yet. I cannot stomach the porridge at all another tip I got from my consultant is putting the shakes in a smoothie maker with water and loads of ice. The ready made shakes I don't like at all has that helped?

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