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Keep drinking that water. I hope ketosis sets in soon for you!!!


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Good luck, I'm on day 1 too and a bit scared but very determined. How proud will we feel when we get there, that's what I'm focussing on!


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Good luck ! You seem very focussed and I am sure you will do well ! It's terrible not having to go too far away from a loo isn't it ?


Going to do this......
hope tomorrow will be a easy as today (fingers crossed) dont feel hungry drank plenty on my 3rd litre and had plenty of black tea. 2 shakes and a soup and i feel great...............
here hoping for the same tomorrow day 2


Going to do this......
day 2

well................day 2 nearly finished was in the pink this morning:) :) :) :) :) just had bit of chicken with green salad leaves lovely, just gonna have some milk only small glass.Drank 3 litres of water today still peeing . Off to see my lovely CDC tomorrow for more packs and a W I not sure if any weight difference but fingers crossed. Had bit of a headache today, so hoping tomorrow head will be clear.
Good luck with everyone out there:)


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good luck. as you know it's bloody hard. Heart wrenching in fact.

Head down, drinks yer water and hope the time passes quickly! :)


Going to do this......
Thanks for all your support.
went to see my lovely cdc today for some packs had a cheeky WI and was down 5POUNDS......................but only counting 3 because last weigh in was in evening....BUT still cant stop SMILING................


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Congratulations that is fantastic!!!:D :D :D

So happy for you:)

Love Mini xxx


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count the 5 !! well done x