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On SS can anyone tell me i am struggling !!

Hi Guys

I am really struggling today started ss on Thursday and lost 7lbs so far but i am struggling today i want to eat something anything

can someone tell me what chicken i can eat , what way i should cook and what dressing i can have or some ideas , i have eggs what way can i have eggs ?



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hi hon

ive been having a bit of a rough time on it too lately i know we all say so but it does get better! hide the scales and try not to weigh in between you official weigh ins it can really effect your frame of mind

i just copied this from faqs

Hot off the press for SS+ :)

120 g Chicken or turkey (skinless)
190 g Cod haddock or white fish
250 g Tofu
200 g Quorn
180 g Tinned tuna (in water)
125 g Prawns
225 g low fat cottage cheese
2 medium eggs

TWO (15 ML) tablespoons of any cooked or raw veg from the list
Cabbage (even pickled)
Pac choi
Red radishes
Turnip tops (leafy part)
Chinese leafy greens
Green salad leaves

Or as before
200ml skimmed milk
4 cambridge products regardless of height or gender.

re the cooking, any way that doesn't require oil etc so grill bake microwave etc.

as for sauces be carefull this was my recent error that knocked me straight out of ketosis! but you can have fat free dressings or balsamic vinegar etc you can season your chicken with herbs and spices.

hope this helps

enjoy xxxx
Omg that is such a help thak you Shell , so i can have grilled chicken with 2 servings of cucumber and herbs and spices and i would remain in ketosis ?

do you know does tesco sell ketostix .. think i need to get a pack to keep myself right :)

Thanks so much for your help xx


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yeah you should defo stay in ketosis

ketosticks you can get from any major chemist.

ps...... although i can often tell i am in ketosis ie the foul taste in my mouth etc, it often doesnt show for me on the sticks. they are handy but dont obsess with them like i often have to no avail
Yes i have a horrid taste in my mouth very para about bad breath lol

is it ok to eat sugar free mind n gum ?

also read in one of your posts about constipation is it ok to have a laxative on this..
This is my 2nd time round and im finding it harder lol
You have been very helpful thanks so much x
I eat sugar free gum when my mouth is really bad - I have such a metal taste all the time its like being pregnant lol.. I also have a lax otherwise I don't think I'd ever go lol
I am on day 7 as a restarter on SS/SS+ and i have used Ducolease (i think that is how it is spelt)

It is hard to stay focused on this diet, and i have fallen off the wagon loads, but with xmas 7 weeks away i am determined to reach goal by then. If i get hungry i have a chicken breast (anywhere between 50g and 100g in weight) covered in loads of herbs and spices and roasted in the oven... Delicious.

My day is as follows....

1030 i have leek and pots soup

330/ 400 is spicy tom

6ish the chicken i mentioned above

9pm is Oriential soup.

I only have 2 stone to loose, but i have done SS and now with a BMI 25ish i need to move up to 810, so i that is why i have been introducing the chicken. Good luck. Stay strong.


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o god yes to laxatives!!! i would have blown by now without them i too use dolcolax or however you spell it. thing is i feel the need to use them maybe twice a week but i dont i think surely that often cannot be good for me! im trying to use em no more than once a week.

you should prob be using the fibre supliment too.

re: sugar free gum - yes you can but its no good for some. apparently it makes your stomache think its getting food and then it subsequantly produced those acids to break down the food although there is no food lol so you can get a rumbly tum and feel more hungry. you can have sugar free mints in moderation. i am yet to grasp the moderation bit lol. i go for sugar free polos as they are quite hard so im not as tempted to chew em up. but when i start i kinda eat the hole pack and amazingly i have recently discovered there are 80 kals in a pack of sugar free polos!!! so kinda stopped them. i have bought a mint mouth spray from the chemist now........ seems a safer option lol
Amanda Thanks you great ideas for food may try that sounds yummy .. as long as i stay in ketosis

Shell lol at the polos well looks like i best buy some mouth spray then , dont want to be adding calories where not wanted ... as for the gum i will need to kick then also then

Thank you ladies xx
Are roasted peppers allowed with a small piece of rosted chicken ? sorry im asking loads of questions here lol xx
Not allowed peppers unfortunately :( I love peppers too!
I have bought loads of schwartz perfect shake spice things as reccommended by my CDC and been having Cajun and piri piri spiced grilled chicken. Also used Chinese 5 spice and a bit of curry powder with chicken mushrooms and cabbage and made a very yummy stir fry the other day!

You have to be very inventive haha :)
my mum is making if she roasts pepers with the chicken but i dont have the peppers would that be ok , i have thia 7 spices in there and my chilli soup i was going to have on the side as like a sauce x type thing ..

ill just spice mine with spices and leave mum the peppers im sure that will b ok xx

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