On SS, family gathering on sturday What do I do?

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  1. MissB

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    Hi guys looking for some advice on this.:confused: I started on SS on sunday but this saturday I have to go to my aunts 50th bday. My whole family will be there (they dont know Im on the diet) there will be loads of food and drink.

    I have no problem with not having any acholhol but will find all the food and cake really difficult to deal with plus the fact that they'll all be asking me why im not eating.

    Should I forgo my evening pack and eat something small there?? if so what will I eat????. My CDC is on holidays this weekend so cant ask her.

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  3. flirty40greeneyes

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    One of 2 things you can do.

    1. SS ... have all your packs before you go - tell family you are feeling off colour - blame a drinking session the night before (!!) and just drink water all night.

    2. Have your packs as above - and pick on chicken, salad, cooked meat. Is it going to be that type of buffet though??

    Don't come off it though -as getting back on it is sooooooooooo hard!! Stay strong and enjoy the party. Next party you go to you'll be slimmer!!
  4. SuffolkGuy

    SuffolkGuy Full Member

    the party is only for one day - what you're doing is getting healthy for the rest of your life. Be strong and use flirty's excuse above!
  5. bluemoon

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    Hi Miss B
    the same thing happened to me this weekend just gone. I was staying with family and didn't want to tell them so I took Tetra for breakfast, told them I was saving myself for tea so would just have a "cuppa soup" for lunch, then just had protein and salad for tea, no alcohol, just coke zero and water. It went completly un-noticed and I felt as if I was able to join in! And because I didn't go mad, it was more like an AAMW I was still in control and back to just packs the next day with no damage done.
  6. MissB

    MissB Full Member

    Cambridge Diet
    thats what I was thinking of doing, tetra in the morning "cuppa soup for lunch" and then stick to protein like chicken etc, im definetly not going to give up weighed myself this morning and after 3 days ive lost 5lbs already, thats given me the boost to keep going and stick to the programme. Its going to be a buffett thing so, I'll get my allocation of protein and avoid the table for the rest of the night.

    My sister is going (Jelly bellY) as well so hopefully she'll help keep me focused.
  7. JustJo

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  8. kayjay

    kayjay Full Member

    Hiya Hun! I started CD in January on a Saturday and the following Saturday was my Aunties 50th!! Huge family gathering, loads of food and drink etc etc. Think it was made easier for me as I had told my family what I was doing. I was determined not to come off SSing in the first week as its sooooo hard to get thru and I knew I would have a nightmare getting back into it!!

    I just had a soup before I went, drank water all night and just chatted away to people all night to keep me away from the temptation of all the goodies!! It was so hard but I felt so proud of myself afterwards and it proved to me that I can resist temptation!!

    Good luck - just drink loads of water and if anyone enquires why you're not eating/drinking, and you don't want to mention CD, just tell em you've had a bit of a jippy tummy overnight!! He he!! (wear some pale makeup for real effect!!)

    Kj xxx
  9. sonkie

    sonkie Gold Member

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    I started LT just before christmas........I told everyone I was dieting so wont be eating they were all understanding and it made for an easier day.
    If you really dont want to tell them you are dieting I would definately say I had a tummy upset or suchlike........you have done so well in the few days so is it really worth undoing your work......the choice is yours though
  10. MissB

    MissB Full Member

    Cambridge Diet
    Thanks guys, weighed myself this morning and im 6lbs down, your right I dont want to jeperdise my weight loss as its hard enough ss, water for the night it is then, I'll just avoid the kitchen and the smell of food.
  11. misscheeky

    misscheeky Gold Member

    Good on ya :) :) you can do it
  12. Heffa

    Heffa Full Member

    I went to a family party 2 weeks into CD. I was worried as I didn't want to tell anyone incase they judged me or I failed. I had a black coffee driving up there on the 125 mile journey and it really knocked me sick. When I got there I drank plain water and told them I felt ikky. I had a tiny bit of chicken which I pushed around my plate and said no cake for me I'm too fat, and laughed about it.

    It went fine, nobody took any notice and i didn't have to lie.
    Good luck
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