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Extra Easy On the Road (Again!)


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Hi Guys,

Being new to SW, I am having trouble getting some of the info I need. I have taken a look on the website but cannot really find what i am looking for. I am a rep and work on the road 5 days a week. This means that most of the lovely lunch recipes that i have come across are really not going to be practical.

Does anyone have any tricks, or recipes of foods that are okay for lunches and can be eaten cold, whilst on the go.


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I spend a lot of time on the road, and although it makes life difficult it isn't impossible.

If I am travelling from home in the morning I may take:
A flask with mugshots/light supernoodles- just add them dry, the required boiling water and they are lovely and cooked by lunchtime
Cooked chicken and pasta salad
Cous cous salad with roasted veg
Spanish omlette is lovely eaten cold
Sandwich made with HEX B bread
Lots of fruit
Home made syn free houmous with veg crudites
Leftovers from the night before (most are fine eaten cold)

If stopping at services for lunch, I usually go for jacket potato and beans or if you can stop at a M&S service station, go for something like sushi, a layered salad and cold chicken or one of their count on us noodle, rice, pasta salads

If you are staying in hotels a lot, do NOT even attempt hotel breakfasts- you have to have a will of iron to resist them. I usually take alpen lights with me and eat them in my room. For other SW friendly foods in hotels (kettle required) take mugshots, tupperware with dry cous cous mix or even eggs- you can put them in the just boiled kettle and they are cooked after about 5 minutes. I also always carry an emergency freddo, just in case I feel the need for a treat and don't want to blow it by nipping to the garage and getting a family sized bag of bombay mix!

Good luck


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Do you get time to actually stop to eat, or have to eat whilst driving?

I find leftovers good for the next day's lunchbox. Cold pasta, risotto, whatever! If I'm doing cous cous, rice or pasta, I sometimes make extra and pop it in the lunchbox, mixed with chopped peppers, sweetcorn, cucumber, tomato, spring onion etc., and some extra light mayo for a couple of syns. Or leftover roast veg mixed through - that's lovely.

A nice little trick I was taught a few years ago, is to use a lettuce leaf as a wrap - filled with whatever filling you like. Ok, it's not the same as a floury tortilla wrap, but it keeps all the filling inside, is superfree and is easy to eat!


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I also always carry an emergency freddo, just in case I feel the need for a treat and don't want to blow it by nipping to the garage and getting a family sized bag of bombay mix!

LOL @ Emergency Freddo!!


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Oh heavens I'm odd!! I can't stop picturing a lifesize Freddo looming out of the dark like the AA man does in the adverts!

Hahah! A chocolate frog-shaped AA man...that's my kinda emergency service!


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any other ideas for breakfasts?

Laura x
I promise the egg works- just leave it longer if you like them hard boiled.

I take ryvita fruit crunch and have also found that laughing cow seems to keep fine without being in a fridge so I can have 4 sesame ryvita and 5 laughing cow triangles for 1 HEX A and HEX B- just remember to take a knife with you for spreading.

I also occasionally take a pre-measured cereal that you can eat dry out of a baggie- Kellots crunchy oatbakes are the business as they taste like hobnobs and can be eaten without milk- the only problem is they are difficult to find in supermarkets AND get very hard if left out of a packet too long (queue story about me cracking a tooth and the crown costing me £300!)

If you really feel motivated enough to do the hotel brekkie you could have poached egg or beans on 1 slice of toast or have cereal, but most packets are more than we are allowed so you would either have to syn the rest or leave some. Careful of fruit too as some may be from a tin and would have to be synned as would yoghury as it rarely is fat free- as for the cooked brekki.....phew. You can see why I steer clear of hotel brekkies- they are a nightmare.