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on the wagon but well and truly on the way to fallin off

foo.... hold on tight... I have had a craving day too.... are you ok?


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No, no, no, no, no!!!
Go for a walk around the block, go and have a bath with a good book, go and have a cup of coffee.
Whats going to happen if you give in? You will feel awful with yourself.
Don't do it foo! :eek:
I agree lesley ... she can't fall off now when she had such a good first week :)


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get a grip woman lol...read your poem and then read it again


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Don't do it. Think that tomorrow you will wake up very happy having survived today.
get a grip woman lol...read your poem and then read it again

ok ok, im tryna get a grip! tryna give up smokin too n its drivin me mad, gave up easy last time cos i turned to eatin but now i cant lol

the wii just made me worse, frustrated lol

funny thing is im not cravin anythin particularly amazin, i just want garlic scrambled eggs! lol and the bloody chickens have just left me ten of um arrrgghhh

will resist though. just gettin through another litre of water, that should help x
Oh my goodness... you're asking a lot of yourself to quit smoking at the same time :O The water idea is a great one... and focusing on WHY you're doing this :)


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I agree, you should just concentrate on one thing. Giving up smoking is probably what is making you like this you know. All the nicotine withdrawal symptoms will be masquerading as all kinds of things.


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ok i take the get a grip comment back... i am a smoker and there is not a cats chance i would try and give up at the same time as doing this, that is amazing really really amazing
the quitin smokin hasnt quite lasted, but im only havin a couple. I want to give up cos its hurtin my throat, and what makes it worse is that i cant take anythin for it lol

i staye 100% despite wantin to kill someone and have remained 100% today, even though ridin past the smell of take aways and pubs servin food was calling me.
Hey, xxfoolafluff, Im on Day 6 and today was my toughest day yet. Woke up in good form but by 5 today I was very teary, very grumpy and just wanted to eat so badly but thankfully i didnt. Its 10.30 pm now and I feel way better and glad I didnt give in. We're going to get bad moments and cravings on this but remember the feelings will pass. You did fantastic week one and I know you wont let all your hard work go down the tube. Good luck hun, you'll be grand and remember we all feel like this but giving in to your old gremlins is not worth it. FIGHT BACK. Thats what Im trying to do at mo, hope this helps xx

Girls ..

Do you really want to go through another 1-3 days of getting into ketosis?? You have done the hard bit!!!!

Keep going... stay strong.. we all have our good and bad days...

try keeping mind occupied and do something else..

day nearly over.. and tomorrow will be brighter and better!!! you have survived the weekend... WELL DONE!!!!

Another big goal achived...

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