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On TV now...supersize kids

I watched a little of it and was also really shocked! I wonder if any of them had tried SW or an alternative before deciding on surgery...


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Funny enough I was thinking the same myself.

It seems these kids are adicted to food. Well what better diet/plan than SW for kids like these.

I'm always eating!


Starting Again!
I didn't watch this, but will do on catch up. They don't have SW in the USA, but they have WW and a whole bunch of other diet plans. I was offered sugery, but seemed like the easy way out. It doesn't address the unhealthy replationship people have with food.


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I watched it, and was shocked!
I would have thought that the parents would help them with food after admitting it was thier fault for letting the kids get like this!
It annoys me that sugery is available for kids esp at the age of 13!!!
As one of the surgens said, they are not sure what will happen when the kids get to the age of 60, or 70 and what effects it will have!!
I really wouldnt want to take that chance! and that is why i am so gratefull that SW is here so that i can loose weight the sensable way!!

Alyce :) x


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I watched this and i was sat there with soapbox twitching! ...It is such a young age to do somthing so drastic and also a lifetime change for them But the after support they got from their families shocked me more than anything ! .........

I mean what the hell was that girls mum thinking? bringing home a huge KFC for her family and then blending up a little bit of the chick and gravy for her daughter! .. did anyone else think this was just madness? .......
and the other girls mum bought in pureed babyfood! why the hell not make your own for crying out loud!
Sorry if im ranting but i just couldnt believe it ! .... they have to get their vitamins and protien in the little they have so why not make up loads of carrot and turnip or soups even and blend them! its not rocket science! ..

(sorry rant over) ...

Mrs V

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Ummmm.....I wasnt offered surgery, but paid to have a gastric band (my choice, no one elses). It had got to the point that after numerous failed diets and waking with chest pains, I had 2 options...keep going the way I was and die, or do something about it. I had tried SW before, lost the weight, became complacent and then gained it again (as many of us do).
I now, have a gastric band and follow the SW plan as much as I can (certain things I cant swallow).
Children are different, in that they follow what their parents are allowing them to eat and perparing for them. I grew up on stodgy foods as that was all my parents could afford and I didnt know any different. I have had to re-educate myself, but that didnt happen until I was much older and by then too late.
Those parents needed educating on healthier planning too - KFC for goodness sake!
Sorry, I will get off my soap box now! Lol


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One of the reasons I joined SW was to help my daughter as well as myself. She was only 6 when I joined but already I could see her going the same way as me. I didn't want her to have the same struggle through life as me. I wanted her to be educated in how and what to eat not just reduce her weight and then forget about it.

I think some people fall into 2 groups. The quick fix group which is surgery and then also the life style change group.

People who are overweight need to look at where they're going wrong. Some times eating the wrong things can be so subtle such as the salads that are in the news at the moment that are more fattening than a Mc D's. Who would think that a Cottage pie or Spaghetti bolognaise would be better for us than a salad??? But according to the news there are some supermarket salads such as Morrisons and Asda where the fat content is higher than 7 Cream eggs or a big mac and fries.

There's nothing wrong with having the surgery but it's purely a quick fix measure if it isn't followed up with healthy eating.

My daughter is now back to being a healthy weight. She will by nature always have to watch what she eats. She will never be one of those people that can eat crisps till they come out of their ears and not gain weight. She can thank her mothers genes for that. But the best gift I believe I can give her now is to teach her how to eat sensibly and healthily. As she gets older I shall teach her how to cook healthily too.


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I watched it and were amazed at the parents, I didn't get to see the first part so I may have missed something but to me it seemed as though they went for the quick fix, and that poor girl having to sit there and watch all her family eating KFC so soon after having bypass.


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I thought it looked like KFC on the plate, but wasn't sure....well what a dreadful & really unsupportive thing to do!!

I have the same situation as Ninja with my own daughter, but we are working on this together, the whole family eat healthy SW meals even though I am at target & her dad is just about normal weight, what sort of example would we be setting if we ate anything different to her!

I did think the parents saw it more as a quick fix, not that I would've allowed it to get to the surgery stage, I wouldn't have even considered buying baby food, it's not that difficult to cook the same for everyone & then blend some....it's those kind of habits that probably caused the situation to actually get that bad!!!!!!!neven considered

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