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Once you have reached your target??

A lot of posts on here are from people restarting, after losing a lot of weight unfortunately coming back to the programme after gaining of different periods of time??

As this is my biggest fear, as i do not want to go back to my old self, why has the weight returned?

Is it due to going back to old habits? :party0027:

Not Training? :hide:

Sorry for asking a personal question however i hope other peoples experiences can help others
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Hi there, I am a restarter but that is because I took a break over the summer as my head wasn`t in it and am back to lose the last bit.

I did put some back on, And after my pity party :rolleyes: have realised it wasn`t really that much in the grand scheme of things - It was 6-8lbs depending on which scales I go by lol over 5/6 months.

For me, I know it is because I had too many carbs. My body has a love/hate relationship with them and I balloon if I eat too many. And with my PCOS and Thyroid, I can`t use them properly. I also went through a phase where I missed a lot of my Thyroxine which can account for weight gain.

I also cba to do any exercise in any shape or form and ate lots of cheese and rubbish over Christmas. So considering, I could have gained all my weight back and more.

Generally, I don`t eat too badly, But obviously I do eat SOME treats etc, Which I guess is why I didn`t pile it all back on.


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Good post! I'd also be interested in people's stories who are re-starters so I know what to look out for. I know going up the different stages is very important & helps you maintain your weight. Also, are there any people who have maintained their weight for a long time who can share some tips? :)


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Copied from my Diary (Planned Restart Day)

Hi Davy -

From my diary:

I am still struggling to relose about 2 stone of the almost five stone I lost on LL in 2008. I kept it off for about a year, then it started coming back on -- and I managed to hold it steady most of this year at 1.5 stone regain -- then it crept up a bit more during the summer holidays. I am getting ready to spend four days next week in Spain with a friend, which won't help the "weight loss" effort -- but upon my return I have decided to really make an effort (not that I haven't before). I know that my biggest problem is not exercising, so I will have to set up a schedule and STICK TO IT.

What really had happened:

The last time I had weighed myself before my Jan. 2nd restart was October 13th: the week before I went to Spain. But, I did not successfully diet after I got back.

By the time Christmas was over -- I knew I was up even more and afraid to weigh myself. So, I started SSing and did so until after the New Year and when I weighed myself I was only 1 pound more than I was on October 13th! (Of course, I realise that I was really heavier than that... because of the gylcogen and water losses in the first week -- but it was good for my morale).

Anyway, I have (as of today) finished my first "real" week and am down about 3 pounds. Those are regained pounds! YEAH! I'm on my way back!

I plan to get back to goal by doing the CD programme and all six steps, then use Rosemary Conley or WW to maintain my weight.

When I was slowly regaining (which started shortly after I stopped exercising in Jan. 2009) - I kept telling myself, "It's no big deal.. when I get to such and such I'll buckle down." The "drop dead" weight kept getting adjusted up, eventually, I no longer did not just look awful but couldnot fit into most of my clothing (as, I had gotten rid of too big clothes as I lost weight).

I had to break down and buy a few bits of the next size (really, I am 2 sizes up) andat was devastating. It was admitting I had screwed up. I was so disappointed, disgusted and unhappy with myself -- that I have finally been able to get my head in the right place and come back to "Do THIS THANG".

I think that this first big loss in 2008(after 13 years of being overweight) and then regaining about half of it -- taught me that I really cannot allow myself to regain. It was just too awful for me.

I have learned my lesson and no more of letting it slide: I can never allow myself to gain above my healthy weight again. I need weigh myself regularly and not lie to myself.



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Daveypefc --

Very good thread and sorry my previous post was so long. But, I wanted to give you an honest and complete answer. And, I thought some background might be helpful to understand.

Thats interesting, me personally have become addicted to the scales, and any sign of increase, thats it devastated!!! :rolleyes:

My Long term plan was to go on slimming world for maintenance as if im left to my own devices who knows where i will end up again :)
I came off CD complelty around 3 months after hitting 'goal' that was 6 months ago. I did go up the plans and kept at 1200 for around 2-3 months but had some personal problems and went straight bk to eating crap again. Put on a couple of stone and here I am again!

Working up the plans is KEY!


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After losing 3.5st in 2008 with LL i kept it until 2010 and it started piling up because i put the coil and after trying to lose weight it was really hard and my scale was not working so i can adviced you that once you lose weight make sure that you monitor your weight once per week because if you don't the pounds will piled up without you knowing. And now i removed the coil and hoping that i won't gain after this.
I lost 5 stone in 2009 then had relationship problems, lost my job, moved house.....but hadn't put on a lot. Tried to get back onto CD to lose rest got really demotivated because I couldn't get into it properly then promptly said 'sod it' and went back to my horrible piggy eating habits and ended up putting on 3 stone over 2010. Trying hard again this time though!! Good luck with your weight loss, I'm sure with your right frame of mind you won't put it back on x


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I slipped back into my old atrocious eating habits after a while. I didn't go through the steps, but just decided to swap to WW and then literally to Rosemary Conley and then to Slimming World. I have done a diet crawl, and steadily fell back into a 'day before the diet' mentality, of eating like a pig because I was going to start a diet tomorrow.

I have come to realise for me I will be doing some form of Cambridge forever (just so I can keep seeing my fantastic CDC), at the very least carbs are my weakness (give me an inch and I will take a mile).

Fingers crossed, this time I will learn my lesson.
i got to goal when i did cd in 2008 from being overweight from my last pregnancy. i then got pregnant again and put on loads again even though i wasn't as bad as i had been with my first pregnancy. each time it was a 5st gain.

i got down tis year then was forced to stop cause my iron level dropped low. i was on the 1500 plan then and was training for a half marathon. when i'd done the half marathon i dropped my miles and , being greedy, i didn't drop my cals from food. i had a very stressful time as my mum was in hospital (it was the first of 3 stays). i ended up putting on 18lbs just by being greedy with food and using it and wine as a stress relief. i've come back to cd to get the 18lbs off and go lower which i have done. i've had xmas off and am now struggling to get my head back into the game. mind my mum has been in hospital since 20 dec and is having her leg amputated due to gangrene and her diabetise on tuesday. she is off on her own planet most of the time due to morphine. so all in all i've very stressed and my losses really suffer.

i put on weight cause i get stressed and use drink and food as a release, not that these actually work.
Hi Davey :)
I am a restarter (a few times) I did CD June - Sept 09 and lost 54lbs getting to goal, didn't exersize, didn't do maintenance....16 months later and I am back to my original weight :(

So this time I am doing exersize each day (starting with walks as I am just on day 2) and I am going to do maintenance properly and incorporate exersize into my life. I need to do this because it's the only way I will be able to stay at goal, and to be fair I am a couch potato setting a terrible example to my children !

I know some have kept it off, and some who haven't.....I have learnt a very harsh lesson and don't want to make the same mistake again !
Welcome Back Charlie --

You are in good company... there are a lot of us here to relose. We'll do it, and have learned from our last time 'round and will really make the changes to keep it off.

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I left uni weighing over 21st (shocking I know!) I faffed with a few diets including CD for about a year and a half and about 3 stone. I wasn't particularly happy and went put drinking and was a serial binge eater but was starting to get it under control. Anyways, I moved back to Southampton (where I had been at uni) after getting a better job transfer and was much happier in my personal life so decided to take the plunge and star CD again but actually stick to it! I did SS from January til the end of June 100% bar a 5 day break when I went on holiday in May. I lost a further 6 stone in that time (so 8 in total :D) and was feeling much happier and decided to take a break and enjoy my summer for the first time feeling slim and confident even though I hadn't reached my goal. I had a but if a rough patch with a potential relationship that ended up going nowhere which hit me quite hard because my confidence was finally building and it just knocked me but I didn't return to my old habits. So I enjoyed my summer of eating and drinking, making healthy choices but having a takeaway if I really wanted one etc etc. Then I finally got with my fella (who I had met just as I had started CD last year and things had been building up for a while) and got into the 'we eat together' place so when I finally took check of my weight 6 months after coming off plan I had put on 2 stone. So now I'm back on CD to lose that plus another 12lbs to finally hit my target! I think I made the right choice for me because I was beginning to get a little obsessive with losing weight and not in a healthy way whereas now, sure I wish i had only gain a stone and not 2 but I know why it happened and I can proudly say I didn't return to my old habits I just overindulged occasionally and got comfortable in a very happy new relationship. I just keep reminding myself how far I've cone and I know that will keep me in check in the future :D

Sorry if that's over sharing but i find it helps reading about other peoples experiences so how it'll maybe help someone out there!

The most important thing to me is not the weight loss (although it is awesome to shop anywhere and not have to hide!) but the fact my attitudes and use of food have genuinely changed for the good and because of CD I know I can cope with most situations without turning to food! Here's to the second part of our journeys (or first :)) xx
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It's not weighing regularly that didn't help - I kept putting it off when I should have just done it after high days and holidays and as a result (I had a fantastic time) but around 14lbs gain over 8 months. However, this is my maintenance - my weight does fluctuate by as much as seven pounds in a day depending on what I've eaten so I'm not one of those people who always has a steady reading on the scales. I just need to fluctuate in a slightly lower range now :)
Getting back there!
Yeah I know what u mean some days I avoid the scales! I wouldn't even let my CDC weigh me at my restart! I lost 3 stone which I maintained for nearly a year but then had a few months off & put at least half of it back on again. But this is still the longest ive maintained after any other diet! & I have still learnt lots, I eat more consciously now, even when I was eating leading to a gain these last few months, I knew what I was doing! No denial ! X

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I think the general trend here is that re-starters went back to the old ways, it's hard to break a life learned habit of over eating. I know CD helps you lose weight quickly but unless you get your head is in the right place there is a danger of putting the weight back on. It took me some time to break the cycle as well.

I'm happy to say I've maintained my weight loss from last year. I will be starting again in the morning but that is just to reach my original goal of being a stone lighter than I am now. I only stopped last year to join in on the party season aka summer :)

The general lesson here is to make sure you follow the plans and stick to the maintenance programme. It was developed for our benefit :D
hi i lost 2 qnd half stones on cd last year out of the 4 that i want to, i stopped after my sisterd wedding a size 14 as i was comfortable but managed to maintain my weight by eating smaller portions and avoiding junk, takeaways etc, i put on 4 lbs over xmas and felt heavy again which kick started me into wanting to lose the lat 2 stones so im back on cd

i agree with everone on her about weigthine yourself regularly and not leaving it till you know it will be a stone or 2 as that will realy be hard to lose again! smaller portions and not pigging out definately helps, obviously you treat yourself her and there but trying to eat low carb and staying off the bread helped me x
Excellent thread Davy!
In 2ooo I lost 4 and a half stone and intoduced exercise into my life and was relatively good in the week and had treats at weekend.

Then in 2007 new baby, plus sudden death of mum plus left responsible for dad with at this time undiasnosed dementia made no time for gym, and back to emotional eating hence huge gain.

Discovered Cambridge and lost almost 5st 25th Aug until mid Dec 2009, came off for xmas, lost the xmas gain then felt that witha BMI of 28 there was not a great race, so started having booze at weekneds, then less packs at weekend, then most weekends off plan for social reasons(Mad May until Sept). Ok I thought,have regained 3 stone, start again for September.....few days into diet the dad situation esculated and huge blip in my marriage( mainly due to my low self-esteem brought on by weight gain).
Get marriage very quickly back on track, but still bit nervy whilst dad hospitalised to what turned out to be a huge ordeal rather than relief for me....so back to comfort eating and the beloved wine.
Have some excellent cbt counselling, realise my husband is actually the same (and much improved) man I fell in love with, realise the more I eat to take my mind off my dad's vile situation I am robbing myself of self-respect and my gorgeous boy of a healthy mum.

So with my head in a much better place again, here I am, and my dream is to become a regular exerciser once again, who limits treats to special occassions and weekends.
To goal and beyond!
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Thanks for sharing Mrs T --

I am so glad that you and Mr T have things sorted. All marraiges have their ups and downs -- today is our 24th anniversary and I remember thinking on our 10th that I wanted out. Now, it seems impossible that I ever felt that way.

I remember you telling me that you both were Tauruses (and maybe even your son is, too). That can't be easy... My DS is a Taurus and we butt heads a lot. Love each other, but not always easy.

I hope the diet is going well. How did you lose the weight in 2000?

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