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Once Your At Goal... How To Maintain And Saggy Skin

I just thought I would let you know that keeping it off is REALLY EASY. It was this time last year I started CD and I have not put more than 2lbs on. I eat everything I want including Choclate, crisps sometimes two packets of Walkers - one after another :eek: but it's ok. You cannot be on a diet all your life... that is what CD is all about. Your body will be slimmer so you will not want so much food, plus if you eat bad one day - it even's itself out. I don't go without - NEVER!

Ok next - SAGGY SKIN! I had saggy skin at 1st but now it is fine. I remember thinking oh my, when I reach goal I will pile it back on and have loads of saggy skin - but that is NOT the case. Skin has tightened up but boobs are like prunes. I guess all things in life cannot be perfect.. my boobs were as big as my head when I was at my heaviest. YOU ARE NOT NATURALLY SLIM OR BIG... It's what you put in your gob. SO.... I hope this helps some of you thinking about what will happen during the maintance part of the program. YOU ARE A SUCCESS already by just giving this diet a chance. It works, so good luck for 2008 and rock on with that skinny bod! LOVE BUNNY x
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Thanks for that Bunny you really look amazing and it's nice and reassuring to hear coz the saggy skin is definitely a huge concern for myself and a lot of people on here but i've come to the conclusion that it's better saggy and slim than stretched but filled with overhanging health problems.

You look fantastic!!!


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Thanks for the advice, I think it is great when we hear how successful people are at maintaining. :)
Thanks for posting, really encouraging to know and you look really fantastic, rather a fox I believe xx
great post! I am struggling a little with maintenance and really worried that I am on the slippery slope back to fatsville so your post really helped - thankyou xx
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hey bunny great to hear from you. I often wonder how you are getting on as we havent really heard from you since you were in the feature in The Sun.

Great news about the maintaining and saggy skin, THanks for sharing that. Also, hope your CDC business is booming.



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Hi Bunny

Just to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for your extremely encouraging post

You look stunning and well done for keeping the weight off, as for the skin ~ well I am 50 and been overweight for most of my adult life so I expect baggy skin.

I am on a diet-break at the moment but will start in January and will shift some more weight next year. Lost 6 stone earlier this year but some gone back on (not sure how much asI am being an ostrich at the moment and my head is well and truly buried in the sand). When I start I will defo read this post again to boost my mojo !!

Many thanks again for your encouraging post !!!

Love Love



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Hi Elaine, great to see you on here .... your pics look fab but I can honestly speak from experience you look even better in the flesh, you have done amazing!!

Im quite proud to have you as my cdc!! x
Thank you everyone for such lovely comments. One thing I have learnt through all this is that everyone is LOVELY, SEXY and SPECIAL.... what ever the size. INSIDE never changes but sometimes the OUTSIDE influences the INSIDE. Love to you all xxxx
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This is a very positive thread and I don't want to 'you know what' on anyone's bonfire but the truth is that not everyone's skin goes back, this is because there are many many factors which can determine how your body reacts to significant weight loss: your age, length of time with stretched skin, rate of weight loss, rate of weight gain, largest size, natural elasticity, scar tissues, previous abdominal surgery, childbirth... etc etc... I think it's essential to be very positive about weight loss and how amazing you feel (and can look) after, but the reality is that excess skin is an issue for many who lose significant amounts of weight. It is, I believe, FAR better to be slim with skin than fat and prematurely facing the grim reaper on a daily basis. As my daughter keeps telling me... 'Mum, it's skin, it won't kill you, if it was fat.....'

I sincerely hope you understand why I felt it necessary to add my contribution, and I do not do so lightly, but after much thought and deliberation.

I am genuinely delighted that excess / saggy skin isn't an issue for you personally and you do look absolutely incredible - you were very beautiful before and you are still and you are an amazing inspiration and encouragement.
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just a quick question since ive been reading this post ive started to worry if im gonna get saggy skin, i have no strech marks, but i have alot of fat on my belly and thighs, actually everywhere really, i want to get down to a size 8,oh and im 23.. so what do u guys think?? my Hubby says that it wont happen as my skin in tight..
Diamond, you have two big advantages - one is your youth and the other that you don't have too much to lose. You'll have to wait and see, of course, but don't judge immediately as you'll have read from bunny here that the skin takes a while to catch up once you're back on food.

Lovely post, bunny, and you look fabulous! Not quite so optimistic about myself as I'm 50 and have lots to lose... oh well, c'est la vie!
My CDC knows a plastic surgeon from Cambridge University who said that having a tummy tuck is a waste of money. The reason that saggy skin happens is because you still have a fat ratio of over 10% on your body, which means the skin does not retract if you still have fat underneath. Do you ever see body builders with saggy skin... NO. I still have a small bit of saggy skin on my belly, but nothing too bad. I am 30 years old. Ok.... I am going to this year loose another stone and take my BMI right down to 19 - then build it back up at the gym, just to see if this works. I have been barking on about doing this since reaching goal but just stayed around BMI 23/24. I decided that I am going to give it a go to see what happens so I should know by early Feb. I will keep you all updated. Here is a good article on this:

When someone are overweight, the skin stretches to accommodate the increased volume of weight. After weight loss, the skin sometimes fails to tighten back, and becomes loose, hangs or sags. It often acts as a reminder of the weight you once had.
Unfortunately, this may be difficult if not impossible to remove through normal exercise or dieting. If you are young enough, the loose skin may regain some of it's elasticity. If you are older (and overweight for a long time prior to losing weight) the loose skin is likely to remain.
It Takes Time

  • The loose skin will get tighter as your body fat gets lower. Over time the skin gradually tightens up, at least partially, after a one or two year period where the weight loss is maintained and exercise continued. This should not be a problem if you make this a lifestyle and not a diet.
Change Body Composition

  • This means working on the ratio of your body fat to lean body mass. You should gain muscle to replace some of those lost pounds while preventing loss of lean body mass when dieting - This will dramatically improve loose skin from appearing. Also, loose skin is one thing, but still having body fat is another.
    This is important to getting tighter skin. Be honest with yourself and do that by taking your body fat measurement. This can be done with skin fold calipers or a variety of other devices or procedures. Calipers might not be the best method if you have large folds of loose skin. Last but not least, only after you reach your ultimate body fat percentage goal.

  • Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty): This surgery can accomplish things that you cannot do own your own. It can give you a flat stomach by tightening your inner girdle. It also removes loose skin of your lower abdomen and tightens the skin of your upper abdomen. It can also remove nearly all the fat of your lower abdomen as well as the stretch marks.

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