ONE derland!


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I am finally in One derland! I now weigh 196lb. Bring on the 13 st something next!:D
That's fab news wannabemine!!

At my heaviest, I was 304lb ... when I dropped below 300lb, 'TWO derland' didn't have quite the same ring to it!! :)

I'm happy to say I'm in ONE-derland now too and it's a great feeling isn't it!

You're doing great and I'm pleased as punch for you :D
Thanks everyone! Next target is 'overweight' not 'obese'. Thats such a horrid word! Currently BMI is 30.7, so not far to go! oh, and i will be in the 13's next week! Targets galore!
Woohoo. Sounds like you're on a roll again :)

Great work mate :)