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one lb :(



This is the last time!!
There was a poem I read a while back about 'only a pound' - I'm sure it's on here somewhere!

If my maths are right - and they seldom are right, I am pants at adding! - you have lost around 32lbs in 9 weeks - well that's an awesome total so far!!!
I know how you feel - be removing food altogether we expect big losses as we have so little going in but I bet you've lost inches this week, even if weight wise you havent had what you wanted xxxx

Chin up, keep going, you're doing brilliantly xxxx


This is the last time!!
Ok -maybe 31lbs.....told you my adding was pants! :D


hoping for a good loss
I know the weeks I only lost 1lb or stayed the same I was really downhearted, but when I looked back at the bigger picture, it is a truely amazing weight loss in a very short period of time

Chin up chick, you are doing fab. Just think if you were doing WW or SW you would have been pleased with 1lb.

hugs. Charlie xx


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I really feel for you and I know there is probably nothing I can say to make it seem better. It sucks when you work really hard and then it doesn't show on the scale, I am really gutted for you. That said.... you are doing amazing and you will see a bigger loss next week. Sending you hugs and I wish I could make you "un-sad". xx


is starting to disappear!
I know that every week that I've had a low loss, I've lost inches so I didn't feel too bad about it. You are doing brilliantly though like the others have said! And don't feel sad, you LOST a lb not gained it! xx
Thank you all :) Now I feel better.


is starting to disappear!
Good, so you should lol