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One of those days

Really strugling today. Im not hungry at all, just majorly craving food. I always get to this same point where i crave food to the point i feel so rubbish and not in the zone at all. Being in ketosis isnt helping cos im not having cravings thru hunger....

Its driving me mad. I wont let it beat me....if it gets majorly bad i'll have a WS day when needed, but its jst doign my head in. Why cant i get in the zone and stay there?? x
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I didnt struggle at all when I first started Exante. Managed 9 weeks 100% TS. Then I suddenly went to pot. I think if a WS day stops you picking at other food then go for it. Has to be worth it.


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Hi Babystar

I felt the same at the weekend with a head cold (mainly because weekend was my foody days, junk food), but I'm ok now.

Just keep going and you'll be fine. Take one day at a time, think right I'll get to the end of the day and think about tomorrow, tomorrow.

This is a hard diet, but the results are amazing, sending you a cyber hug. P.s. if your hungry (in your head and not your stomach) try to find out why, is there something emotional making you want food? If so try and think of a way to stop it, I always get head hungry if I'm really stressed so instead of reaching for food, I run a hot bath and pamper myself. Hope this helps xx maxi xx
Its greed. Pure and simple lol. Its not an easy habit to kick is it? I feel like an addict today, like i did when i tried to stop smoking. I feel like im climbing the walls. Ive done the long hot bath, reading, been out for a walk...my mindset just will not shift! I keep going over it in my head, as tho trying to justify myself lol. And i hate myself for this, but ive been one crabbit witch with my little boy today and have had little to no patience with him....and that i can not stand or keep up. I cant believe that yesterday i felt fab and today i feel so low. Seriously starting to wonder if this feeling doesnt leave me....i'll have to use less extrme measures to get where i need to be. And thats gutting to be saying that :( xx


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Ive just made the decision to move to WS Mandy. I think its far more likely to keep me on the straight and narrow. Might be worth considering.
Yeah probably. I know i always wanted TS....quick losses etc, but not if im going to feel like this and act like a miserable cow all day long. Im seriously shocked at myself today, im not a miserable person so this isnt nice! Im going to have a WS week til i decide what to do. I know it takes a lot longer but im seriosuly considering going to SW.....it will take longer but with hard work and determination (and knowing i can still eat lol) i could still be at target for xmas x


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Joanne could be right in what she says. I'm on total and last weekend I could have ate anything in sight, I just realised for me, the urge to be slim is greater than the urge to eat, personally, its all or nothing, if I start eating I know it will lead to wine then nibbles then back to the start.

If you can cope with ws, then that will be right for you xx maxi xx
The problem maxi is that i know i can force myself to stick to it, but im clearly not learning anything. :( I still want to wat all the wrong stuff, and when i introdce food i'll most likely make the wrong choices. I think also cos i know its only me that has to look at the scales im a bit less motivated! Will see how i get on for the rest of the week but if no improvement, i'll have to seriously think about other options, ie slimming world x


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Hunnie, you've got to do what is right for you, and only you know what to do. Whatever you decide to do you are still taking the step in the right direction.

The only thing i would say is that you need to try and combat the binge sessions (as I call them) and deal with it, work out what is your trigger to want to eat.

Mine is boredom, I tend to eat once Callum is in bed and Scott (hubbie) is working nights, I used to find that even when I was on ww or RC I would be good all week and the 2 nights a week he works nights I would binge, literally - 3 or 4 slices of toast, a couple of packets of crisps or ryvittas and cheese, and i was not even hungry. So now I try and keep myself busy - I leave all the ironing until then, and have started a home study course which I do when I'm on my own.

WS may be the answer but you will still have to confront the food issues,

Good luck whatever you choose to do, as long as you still lose it's better that gaining


Your so right. I just dont know what that trigger is. Theres no stress, ive felt like this all day even when busy. Its crazy! Going to have an early night, and see how i feel tomorrow. Defo not giving in or saying this in an attempt to justify myself some food. I wont be eating tonight or any other night til i make some sort of decision xxx But yeah your right, losing weight is good regardless, just hope i feel ok soon and can keep it up on exante xx


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We're here for you whatever you decide Mandy. At the end of the day only you know what you can bear.
Thanks! After torturing myself with thoughts of other diets im going to stick it out....i know i CAN, i just doubted if i wanted to. Course i want to get to goal quickly, this summer, not next and switching diets means switching the goalposts til then.

Sandy if ur out there can u please get rid of this post for me? I dont want to be reminded of how weak i was today :D thanks luvvie xx


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Dont get rid of the thread instead see it as a positive not a negative

You had a hard day but got through it and realised what you wanted most (to lose weight quickly) :D

In my book that makes you a very strong person ;)
wont do no harm to keep it, and look back in a few weeks and see ive made the right decision. Think i was just having a rough day and thought of taking the easy option out and into an easier diet. But u know what, ive done all the other diets and im still here today trying this so they never worked for me.

Going to stick with it, get my head in gear. Making a weightloss chart as we speak, gonna stick it up in the kitchen. Also going to get my butt in gear and get exercising properly, and get more active. Its been freezing cold for days, weve not been out or done much and thats probably brought this on!

Off now to bed with Sonny to watch Harry Potter and hopefully wake up in a more positive mood tomorrow x

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