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one of those yeehaw moments!!

Some of you might remember, not long ago I purchased some size 18 trousers (have three pairs now) down from a 22/24...

Anyway yesterday had the jeans on and noticed they were bagging at the waist, I was a bit cross really as thought they must have relaxed too much (cheap) Anyway..........

Just now, i was desperate for a wee (sorry tmi) Had been on phone trying to say goodnight, then had to dash!

I flew into the bathroom and slipped my trousers down without undoing buttons and zip... then realised these were the fitted 18's i bought recently!!!

Now I can't get into 16's! It is a step too far.... But I feel so good now.. knowing that in such a short time My clothes around my waist have loosened a fair bit... I am so excited by this journey and all the sadness and upset I have felt the last few days, has now just evaporated!


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Slimming down the aisle
Is all that from the 2nd of April? That's amazing! Well done!! Certainly gives me hope :) I love hearing everyone's stories like this
lol that's amazing have you lost all that weight since April? Are you in a size 16 or are they too big (sorry didnt understand what you meant)?
That would be 5 dress sizes..wow!!!!! well done!!!!!
I'm in a size 16...just about...i would love to go down to a comfortable size 12 and stay there forever lol x


can see the end in sight!
Well done tilly! That's fab!! You are doing so well, I am so happy for you.


Tilly thats amazing

Looking at your stats I would say maybe another 2 weeks (?) and I bet those 16's would fit beautifully


Cambridge Consultant
Well done hon !!!
Your doing fab.. and how amazing that your trousers fell down without you opening them when you only just starting wearing them recently. what a fab feeling.
Your doing so well keep smiling xxx
Caroline- yes I have lost the 22lb since April 2nd
hopeicandothis - the 16's don't fit yet! But the 18 trousers are defintiely loose enough to slip down without opening button and zip...
Lexie - If I could get into size 16's in about 2 weeks which would be about 7lb's I would be deliriously happy :) It's funny as I have stopped seeing any changes now when I look in the mirror, but I know I am losing inches.... I think it is coming off my bottom half more than my top half.
Curly - I think someone 'up there' knew I needed a 'lift' yesterday!
Eye on the prize - Thankyou :)



Slimming down the aisle
Going from a 22/24 to an 18 in 4 weeks is amazing, you should be very proud of yourself!! Has given me hope that's for sure :)


Slimming down the aisle
Maybe my size 16-18 by the middle of June goal isn't all that unrealistic as I was beginning to think it was! I'm in a great mood today diet wise, feeling very motivated and excited by it, just tired from lack of sleep last night! Thanks for the very uplifting post tilly :)


Fat Fighter
Well done. Small moments like those make you smile. I remember needing a brown chunky waist belt and when I went into Evans and picked up the medium it was too big, tried the small and that was even too big then it hit me that I have become too small for Evans belts. Small things like that make the tough moments easier to handle.
I'm so jealous!!!! (kidding, well done!!!)

I have lost 36 lbs since 1st April (so rougly same as you) and I've only gone from a size 30/32 to a loose 28 - still it's all going in the right direction. Maybe I've not gone down as many sizes because I'm a lot bigger that you?!?!?

Again, congrats and keep going!!
If i'm not mistaken I think I read on a thread recently that there is more difference inch wise between the larger sizes than the smaller ones?
Not sure if thats the case, I can't find the post now, but think it might have been Lexie??


Slimming down the aisle


WILL be Slim!
Tillyfloss that is amazing! To do so much in such a small space of time is just wonderful and i'm not surprised your happy!
I have gone from an 18 to a small 16 in 3 weeks....Isnt it just amazing what this diet helps you achieve?!?!?
(and your a star! Well done !!!)


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That's fantastic! Well done to you :)


is back to finish the job
Truly uplifting post - can't wait for this to happen to me...

Well done Tilly :)

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