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  1. skinhead

    skinhead Full Member

    I am 31, mum to a 2 year old boy and my BMI is 34 at 13st 3lbs, it's the heaviest i've ever been and ever will be! Joined weight watchers on thursday night and i'm following simple start this week. I've always had a love of food and struggle with many diets over the years but my motivation this time is a family holiday in ibiza at the end of august this year...hoping to reach goal of 9st 6lbs (56lbs!!!) by that time but will need to put in a consistant effort and loose approx 1-2lbs a week to achive this. Going to use a diary to help myself get to target.
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  3. skinhead

    skinhead Full Member

    Yesterday's food - simple start

    Porridge with skimmed milk
    Black coffee

    2 ww brown toast
    French mustard
    Spinach leaves
    Tinned mandarin segments without juice

    Homemade fried rice with peas and salmon

    2 crumpets with Nutella (4 tsp = 2 treats)

    Didn't feel at all deprived today, hope that continues!
  4. lisalu

    lisalu Full Member

    Good luck skinhead. Here to follow :)
  5. skinhead

    skinhead Full Member

    Thanks lisalu :)

    Today so far
    Shredded wheat/ skimmed milk
    2ww toast with marmite

    Beans on toast (ww bread)

    Going to the shop soon, planning on getting quorn mince and make spicy wraps for dinner with brown rice and salad, will upload photo if it turns out well..also planning on buying root veg and making some crisps as per the simple start book and having a couple of bottles of coors light tonight as my 2 treats.
  6. lisalu

    lisalu Full Member

    Oooh dinner sounds yum
  7. wendycroxs

    wendycroxs Silver Member

    Hi and welcome hun here to subscribe xx
  8. Shez__x

    Shez__x Gold Member

    subscribing :)
    good luck x
  9. sarah88

    sarah88 Gold Member

    Here to follow :-D

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  10. skinhead

    skinhead Full Member

    Thanks guys, knowing people are following should keep me on the straight and narrow!

    Today's dinner spicy quorn wraps with salad - didn't think I needed rice too

  11. Shez__x

    Shez__x Gold Member

    looks nice :)
  12. sarah88

    sarah88 Gold Member

    Looks tasty

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  13. skinhead

    skinhead Full Member

    Thanks it was scrumptious, piled the chilli in cos I love the heat!
  14. sarah88

    sarah88 Gold Member

    I cant eat anything slightly hot

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  15. Razzle Dazzle

    Razzle Dazzle Full Member

    Here to subscribe. x
  16. Cas3

    Cas3 Gold Member

    Hi here to follow, food looks really nice and holiday is a great incentive to keep you on track x
  17. dolly82

    dolly82 Full Member

    Wraps look good. Is the recipe in the ss book?

    This is my first week on SS too xx
  18. skinhead

    skinhead Full Member

    Got the idea from the simple start book but just made my own version! Quorn mince, red onion, yellow pepper, garlic, chilli powder, mixed beans and seasoning.

    Bought carling zest last night intending to have two as a treat but then the little monster on my shoulder whispered in my ear 'sure they're half the calories of normal lager (2.8%), just drink all four!' So I did :/

    Will have to do today without treats, should be's plan
    Breakfast - shredded wheat with skimmed milk
    Lunch - wrap with ham salad
    Dinner - to be decided!
  19. dolly82

    dolly82 Full Member

    He he it was Saturday after all. I'm sure you will be fine if you have no treats today.
    how you feeling? Do you feel any different? I think I feel less bloated :) x
  20. skinhead

    skinhead Full Member

    Feel ok, just not convinced I'm losing any weight yet! Just made a wee free treat for myself


    Crumpets with warm berry compote and natural yog. Feeling sorry for myself as I'm sitting doing an assignment on a Sunday :(
  21. sarah88

    sarah88 Gold Member

    Yum, crumpets being free r so handy

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