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ONE poxy lb


Loves Minimins long time
Admittedly my weigh-in days had got shifted around so this wasn't a full week (it was 4 days) but I had only lost a lb yesterday. So annoying as that is 3 weeks on SS and I have lost 13 in total - 1 measly lb off a stone. It just would have been nice if it was a rounder figure. Ho-hum, back to the diet. At least I can have tea now :) Yay xx
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As Eternalflame says, it is a pound, and it was not a full week - just think how much you will have lost this time next week x

My scales haven't budged either this week and I have a weigh in tomorrow! eek x
1lb in four days is still good! Better off than on!


hoping for a good loss
4 days!!!!! Thats a good loss hun, shame it isn't the stone but think what next week will bring
Well done - a pound off!!

You really can't expect to lose huge amounts especially with a BMI of 24.3 - Its better to look at the monthly weight loss and measurements anyway when you are so near to goal.


Loves Minimins long time
Oops, did forget to mention that I lost 1.5 inches off my waist in those 4 days so not too bad I suppose. I know I shouldn't expect huge losses but even when I was bigger the first time I did this (didn't put it ALL back on before I did something about it) I just seem to have smaller losses. And that 1lb cost me like £24 which is just barmy!! I think I shouldn't be on SS anymore now though....


Loves Minimins long time
Yes she said to go up to SS+ but she didn't give me a booklet so I don't know exactly what that entails (I am from the good old days of AAM!). She says she doesn't want me doing SS anymore as a) I shouldn't be and b) she thought I got obsessive last time. I would argue that I was committed rather than obsessive but it would be nice to have some food. I'm just so impatient this time and remember how long that last stone took to come off!!
Ohhh ok

Well id personally go on at least 810 or 1000 but ask for a booklet lol she should have these at hand.

SS+ is virtually SS so that wont be any good for you..its like 130 odd cals more than SS

810...well its 810 cals...lol

Try and get a booklet asap

Good for you being strict! x
13lb in 3 weeks is great. Just think this time next week you will have probably lost more than they say is the average 1 stone a month. I say weel done :)


Loves Minimins long time
Ooh, 1 stone a month? That makes me feel better. Most people on here seem to lose that in their first week...!!


Loves Minimins long time
Thanks Eclipse :) xx


Loves Minimins long time
2 packs of lard - brilliant :D

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