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One sachet one day, three the next

S: 28st4lb C: 20st1lb G: 13st7lb BMI: 37.1 Loss: 8st3lb(29.04%)
I find myself sometimes craving extra calories, and wondered if (occasionally) I varied my sachet intake to either three or one (but balanced it to the male = 14 sachets in a week) per day would negatively affect lipotrim.

I'd rather do this than order in a grubby feast
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i really don't know the answer if you want a proper reply i would phone Lipotrim and ask, they are lovely and helpful (the number is on their website and on their carrier bag).. personally i would be inclined to say do what you need to do in order that you stick to it,as yes it would be far better than ordering a grubby feast lol but i'm not a professional i don't know if there maybe some good reason why you shouldn't, sorry to have not been more helpful


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Totally agree with ElectricLilac. Anything to stick with the diet is better than being discouraged. But as she suggested, just phone them for advice.


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The only thing i would say is you have your days worth or vitamins etc in it and as odd as it is you can have too much as well as too little.....Think of it as medicine or fuel.... : ) x


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I think it's also aboout the discipline of having only what you're supposed to have. This diet is as much about mental changes as it is physical.
Is there a particular reason you need more on certain days, are you doing too much or is it a work thing.
If you're feeling very rough water, tea and coffee are the only solutions. How long are you on it.
Is it calories you crave or are you hungry.
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the sachets give you the minimum amount of calories that you need to survive per day without food so i wouldnt advise having less than the amount you are supposed to, however my pharmacist advised me to just have an extra shake if i was hungry rather than cheating but dont have less than the advised. x


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S: 13st9.0lb G: 10st7.0lb
Hey Lipotrim Boy,
Are you doing any better. I had a really hard day yesterday and I', paying today. I'm really tired and feel like I could give in. Do you do loads of exercise or anything that makes you worse.

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