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one small step for man...one giant leap for a lipotrimmer!!


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Me too!! Infact i LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


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Ha ha ha ha ha ha.....

I really do mlike it!, maybe it was the week without food that helped ?, i'm defo gonna be asking the pharmacist for at least 7 next week lol xx


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Ah im not trying the flapjacks - partly because of what i have heard (that they taste like burnt poo lol) and partly because i dont want to chew anything just yet. choco shake and soup is working wonders for me at the moment so im guna stick to that :D

And yummy - if you like em that much go back to the chemist and change some!! hehe

I enjoy having them on a weekend when me chap is eating his tea :D


I will be skinny again!!!
I love the chicken soup too :)

It feels like a proper meal because you are having some hot!!


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you still allowed the soup on yer refeed chell?
I'm a soup lover as well. I add paprika and pepper to it and have it for my dinner every night. Makes me feel as though I'm eating something.
God! They taste like the worst cup-a-soups ever !! Just stomached 2 before I changed the rest for vanilla......lovely!
I've gone off it each time I've had it, lol.

Just weighed in and stocked up - just the 2 sachets this week!
O right may do that tomorrow then, i didnt realise , i mentioned on weigh in that i wanted some soup so i'll see if they'll swap for me, thanks .....OOOOoo more vanilla coffee mixes yummy! x
i'm a soup lover to and yes i like the flapjacks cant say if they taste like burnt poo cos i never tried that lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I will be skinny again!!!

Have you tried Vanilla and peppermint yet Yumyum??

and your totally right Kered... Other wise LT would have problems with stock control :p
My pharmacist isn't allowed to swap stuff -says because before people have given back opened packets etc, what are people like - fancy doing that. I'd say stick at all the foods! I hated the chicken soup to begin with but i'm so much more of a savoury person that I tried it with pepper, paprika, curry powder, herbs and actually really like it now! also the bars...I really needed to beable to feel I was eating (i.e chewing!) and so after 3 attempts I actually like the peanut ones. They also help with the fibre intake if you know what I mean! :D


I will be skinny again!!!
Hmmm does the pharmasist not check them before taking them back??

It is kind of a joke people taking back open packs like!!

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